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United Once Again / Navy-Army MRF Vietnam Mobile Riverine Force Glossary
MRF Linked to Civil War Heritage Call Signs of the MRF  Help Fill the Blanks..!  
America's Second Mobile Riverine Force Help Identify Dong Tam Navy Buildings
Mobile Riverine Force/TF-117 historical account The Army Side of Dong Tam  
Riverine Assault Force (Vietnam) Statistics about the Vietnam War
Letter of Commendation/MRF - June 17-21, 1967 More Vietnam War Statistics  
Historical Operating Reports from 1968 POW/MIA Statistics
Medical Support of the Mobile Riverine Force Official Glossary for the Vietnam War
PSYOPS Manual M16 Rifle PM Manual
COMUSMACV Reports Vietnam Pocket Guide
Last Message from Saigon Embassy The Army's Best Invention - The P-38
The Virtual Wall Provinces of Vietnam
The Moving Wall MRF Landing Operations
Beer and Soda Available in Vietnam Early Operations in Dinh Tuong Province
Zippo 131-1 Model   Early Operations in Can Giouc District
Domain of the Golden Dragon - Certificate  Early Operations in Long An Province
L.A. Times article on the Mekong River - July 26, 1970 Areas of Riverine Operations (1967-1969)
First "ZIPPO" Joins the MRF at Dong Tam MRF Operations Schematic Concept
Were You Exposed to Chemical in Vietnam? Operational Maps of S.E. Asia - 1965-1975  
"In Combat - Mobile Riverine Force" - By Brigadier General William B. Fulton "Waging Brown Water Warfare: The Mobile Riverine Force in the Mekong Delta, 1966-1969" - A Thesis by Reagan Jay Grau
Coast Guard in Vietnam
Coast Guard in Vietnam 1975 Report

Coast Guard in Vietnam II
"The Mobile Riverine Force, Mekong Delta, Republic of Vietnam,16 FEBRUARY 1967 - 10 JANUARY 1968. (Personal Experience of a Company Commander and Assistant Brigade S2.)"
USCG Squadron One in Vietnam - Page 19 of Newsletter Wisconsin War Stories Vietnam: Turning Point - Brown Water Navy - Good Mobile Riverine Force coverage
MRF Operational Report ending April 30, 1968 - (Only MRF portion selected)  

Articles by MRFA Members

In the "Spotlight" by Albert Moore   Mike Harris' Article: Army/Navy MRF
"It's the Economy" by LTG Patrick M. Hughes (Ret.) "Technology and Society" by LT General Patrick M. Hughes (Ret.)
"The Dilemmas of Terrorism" by LTG Patrick M. Hughes (Ret.) "Guerrilla Warfare - Back Again?" by LTG Patrick M. Hughes (Ret.)
  Ray Harvey's Article on "Rocket Ships"  

Naval Historical Center "Highlights" - March to August 1966
These "Hightlights" have been donated to the MRFA for Publication thanks to the Naval Historical Center in
Washington D.C.  They have never been published before.

Naval Historical Center
"Riverine Warfare: The U.S. Navy's Operations on Inland Waters"

The Vietnam Archive - Texas Tech University
"Riverine Warfare / Brown Water Navy Resources"

Naval Historical Center - COMNAVFORV Monthly Summaries April 1966 to November 1971
These very large summaries load slow even when using high-speed access.  You can order the summaries on CD
if you cannot access them online.  They hold very good information about all aspects of the Navy in Vietnam.

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