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In Appreciation from Riverine Squadron Two - Detachment Three

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~~~ UPDATE October 2011 ~~~

New Iraq Deployment Article Release from
Riverine Squadron One - Detachment 3
By SN Jarrod Michael Schwartz OIF/OND


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~~~ UPDATE March 2007 ~~~

The first Riverine personnel have Deployed to Iraq.
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Navy Times Article --- PilotOnline.com Slide Show

Let's Remember our Brothers and their Families as they are in Harms Way.

Riverine Group ONE

Under the Command of:

Commodore - Captain Michael L. Jordan

Captain Jordan is currently assigned as the Commander of the newly established Riverine Group ONE in Norfolk, VA, where his duties include establishing three riverine squadrons that will support the Global War on Terrorism.  As a Navy Special Operations Officer with over 25 years of service and experience in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Force Protection, and Mine Warfare, he has commanded an EOD Mobile Unit and the Naval School of EOD.

While speaking to students and faculty of the Naval War College at Newport, RI on August, 31 2005, Admiral Michael G. Mullen, Chief of Naval Operations, stated the following:

"We cannot sit out in the deep blue, waiting for the enemy to come to us. He will not. We must go to him. We need a green-water capability and a brown-water capability. . . . I want the ability to go close in and stay there. I believe our Navy is missing a great opportunity to influence events by not having a riverine force. We're going to have one."

"Riverine Warfare: Back to the Future?"

On April 6 and 7, 2006 the United States Naval Institute, in conjunction with the U.S. Naval Academy History Department, Naval War College, Naval Historical Center, Naval Historical Foundation, Marine Corps History and Museums Division, Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, Naval Order of the United States and the CNA Corporation Center for Strategic Studies sponsored the "Riverine Warfare: Back to the Future?" conference at the United States Naval Academy Alumni Hall.  It is estimated that around 300 military personnel, civilians and academics were present.  We are proud to say that the Mobile Riverine Force Association had a small contingent representing our association.

The primary thrust of the event:

"The Global War on Terror is changing the way the Navy thinks about sea power. What are the lessons learned from the past that can ready us for tomorrow's naval challenges? Join historians and the operational commanders of today's Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard in Annapolis this April as we look back to the future of Riverine Warfare."


The Special Operations Craft-Riverine (SOC-R) seems to be the preferred choice for the Mission
[ Craft Specifications ]

April 5, 2006 - "Lessons Learned":

This session was sponsored by the The Vietnam Center/Texas Tech University (TTU). Dr. James Reckner, a two tour Vietnam Naval Advisor, Professor and Director of The Vietnam Center, moderated the "Lessons Learned" session.  Several former Task Force 116 and 117 officers and enlisted personnel were present to convey their "deck plate" suggestions to the new Riverine Force.  The input was very substantial and almost all points were reiterated throughout the main conference on April 6-7.  Some key points that were stressed: Training/cross Training, Joint Operations, Logistics, Operations/Planning, Emergencies/First Aid, Weapons/Safety, Platforms, Post Operation and Air Cover.

Some of those in attendance were: VADM Emmett Tidd, (USN Ret. and Former Staff Member for Adm Zumwalt), Captain John Woody (USNR Ret.), Al Breininger (Former XO RAD 91), Phil Ferrara (Former CO RAD 151), Nick Miller (Former XO RAD 152), Captain Peter Swartz (USN Ret. and Former Naval Advisor), Lew Wahler (Former Naval Advisor), Vaughn Shuler (Former PBR Boat Captain), Lee Weatherman (Former PBR crewman), John Nugent (Former NCB-6 sailor) and Mike Harris (Former ATC crewman).

A special "Thanks" goes out to Steve Maxner, Deputy Director of The Vietnam Center for his planning and support of the event.

Al Breininger's Report:

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Mike Harris' Synopsis:

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Naval Historical Center - Navy Riverine history:


The Vietnam Archive - Texas Tech University
Riverine Warfare / Brown Water Navy Resources



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Expeditionary Warfare pin

The Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare Specialist qualification (referred to as EXW) is a warfare qualification awarded to enlisted United States Navy personnel who satisfactorily complete the required qualification course and pass a qualification board hearing. The program was approved July 31, 2006 by Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Mullen, but the actual governing instructions and qualification courses are still in development.

The qualification was developed to provide a chance for enlisted sailors in the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command community (naval personnel serving in a maritime security or maritime combat related role) to earn a warfare qualification. Core qualification skills will include weapons qualification and maintenance, marksmanship, land navigation, field communications, and expeditionary camp deployment.

Sailors assigned to Navy Expeditionary Combat Commands (NECC), primarily Type Two and Type Four, as well as deployable Reserve units, will be eligible for the Expeditionary Warfare qualification program. Personnel assigned to expeditionary units will have one year to complete the qualification, and it will be mandatory for E-5 and above.

There are currently no plans as of now to offer an officer version of the qualification.


How Can We Assist You, our New Riverine Force?

Our primary goal is to continue to interact and pass along ideas, concepts and tools that will help you new sailors in your war against terrorism.  If one individual gains from our experiences then it will all worth it.

We would like to invite all of you to become Active Duty Members of our Mobile Riverine Force Association (MRFA).  Then after you are discharged or retire perhaps you can consider becoming a full paid Members in order to help preserve the Riverine concept for generations to come.

We would like to communicate with you while you are actively involved with Riverine Group ONE.  An invitation has been sent to Commodore Michael Jordan to attend our MRFA Reunion next year in Indianapolis.  Captain Jordan has given us a tentative affirmation to our invite.  Perhaps we can set up an E-Mail contact list of our Members from which you can choose to communicate.  If you are interested then please contact Mike Harris and he will tie you into the list. 

Active Duty Member List

QM1 Lance Allen
CE1(EXW/SCW) Jason L. Alderman
DC2 Mac Crockett
GMG1 (SW) Bill Caviness II
LT Christopher Farricker
(OS2) Frank Jenkins
MM3 (EXW) Adam Johnson
LCDR William A. Ketcham - (Chief Staff Officer)
Robert Ledsinger
BMCS Mike Lyndon
GMSA Danny Macklin
GMC Chad Magwire
GMG3 Preston McSwain
ET1 Jason P. Moyer
GM1 (SW) Terrance A. Nolan
QMC Mark Palo
LTJG Keith Paquin
CMC Kyle D. Reagan - Command Master Chief
EN1 (SW/AW) Gary L. Rhodes
QMC Jeff Rogers
HT2 Michael Sahlberg
ET3 Blake Severson
GMG1 (SW) John Tatro
Zachariah Williams
CTRC Kevin Crocker
LT Michael Rowles - Operations Officer - Riverine Squadron 3





Mike Deckman - EN3, Vietnam - 1969-70:

"Albert -

My wife and I just had the honor of visiting Little Creek Amphib Base 2 weeks ago. We have a small RV trailer and were able to stay at a campground located on the base property. While there, I had the distinct privilege of talking with a few members of "Riverine Group One/Squadron One". They are fine young men who want to get into the game 'over there'. It was like a walk back in time for me to see these men and the enthusiasm they have for the tradition that was set so many years ago in the muddy rivers of Vietnam . Besides feeling suddenly very old , I was very pleased to have been able to see and chat with these men. It seemed that whenever any of these new Naval Warriors asked about my experience in Vietnam, they thanked me. It made me feel that we a part of something significant that has transcended all these years.

I am proud of these fine men. I wish them well, and may God's Blessing on them."

GM1 (SW) John L. Tatro, Riverine Squadron One, Det Three, Boat Captain, Delta Gold:

"Mr. Mike Harris,

I am writing you to request becoming an honorary member of the Mobile Riverine Force Association. I am attached to the newly commissioned Riverine Squadron One out of Little Creek Virginia. I am assigned to Detachment three as a Boat Captain. I had the honor of viewing your associations mobile memorial to the Vietnam Riverine Force at our commissioning yesterday. Let me say it is a humbling experience knowing the history of the Mobile Riverine force, and the responsibility of honoring all of the River rats who have served so bravely. I am honored to be given the chance to be called a river rat.


GM1 (SW) John L. Tatro

Note: John has joined the MRF Association and other current active duty personnel have indicated that they would also like to join.  A warm welcome to John and all desire to come onboard...!

2007 Christmas Packages sent to our RivRon sailors by the MRFA