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We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, For he today that sheds his blood with me,
shall be my brother.
William Shakespeare, Henry V

U.S. Navy / U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Army

2,558 - Navy / 7 - Coast Guard

2,624 - 9th Infantry Division

(Unit Listings)

(Alphabetical Listings)

CTF-115   Market Time Forces (List) A      B      C      D
CTF-116  River Patrol Forces (List) E      F      G      H
CTF-117  Mobile Riverine Force (List) I      J      K       L
Navy Support Activity - Danang (List) M     N      O       P
Navy Support Activity - Saigon (List) Q      R      S      T
Individual Units (List) U      V      W     X
Y      Z

1) TAP's - Honoring Those Who Have Passed On  Prior to 2001

8) TAP'S - Honoring Those Who Have Passed On in 2010 

2) TAP's - Honoring Those Who Have Passed On in 2001 - 2003

9) TAP'S - Honoring Those Who Have Passed On in 2011

3) TAP's - Honoring Those Who Have Passed On in 2004 - 2005 

10) TAP'S - Honoring Those Who Have Passed On in 2012

4) TAP's - Honoring Those Who Have Passed On in 2006

11) TAP'S - Honoring Those Who Have Passed On in 2013

5) TAP's - Honoring Those Who Have Passed On in 2007

12) TAP's - Honoring Those Who Have Passed On in 2014

6) TAP'S - Honoring Those Who Have Passed On in 2008 

13) TAP's - Honoring Our Wives and Family Members Who Have Fought Courageous Battles as Well

7) TAP'S - Honoring Those Who Have Passed On in 2009

If you are searching for the grave of a Veteran there is a chance that they may be buried in a National Cemetery. 
To do a search click HERE and then type in the Data on the Veteran.


"Valor" above and beyond
The Call of Duty

Navy Mobile Riverine Force Navy Cross Recipients
Army 9th Infantry Division Distinguished Service Cross Recipients
Navy Mobile Riverine Force Medal of Honor Recipient
Army 9th Infantry Division Medal of Honor Recipients


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Reunions and Gatherings:

2015 MRFA Reunion
"Indianapolis Marriott East"
September 2-6, 2015

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2013 Veterans Day Gathering - Wash DC 2015 MRFA Reunion - Indianapolis
2012 Veterans Day Gathering - Wash DC 2013 MRFA Reunion - Indianapolis
2012 "Gathering of the Troops" - San Diego, Ca - Photos 2013 MRFA Reunion Photos
2012 - LTC Laddie Cox's speech - VUMM - 9/8/12 Earlier MRFA Reunions and Gatherings
Veteran Reunions and Gatherings

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MRFA/9th I.D. Mobile Museum


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Visiting Hours 
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CCB-18 as a backdrop for yet another graduation ceremony!
 Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument - Coronado, CA
CCB-18 Memorial Fund   Accolades
CCB-18 Arrives in San Diego, Photo Tour   CCB-18 Fund Contributors Thank You...!
CCB-18 Gets Painted, Photo Tour 2   CCB-18 - Work Parties
CCB-18 Moves to Memorial, Photo Tour 3 Map to Vietnam Memorial Site
CCB-18 Model (Anonymous) -T-112-5 Model by Douglas Meek    

Photos, Poetry and Stories:

RMCM Larry Dunn's Moving Poetry Member's Photos
LTG Johnnie Corns - "The Men in the Boats" PHC Dan Dodd - Official MRF Photos
Bob Harrison -"Old Man and the Sailor" Scenes from the MRFA Video "Force Afloat"
"Purple Heart Soldier" - Song by Ray Funderburk

Memorial Day 2000 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Photos
"MEKONG" -Professional Journalist Report the War - By Major Ray Funderburk - 9th ID Public Information Officer Poem by Major Michael Davis O'Donnell - KIA March 1970
"The Rice Harvest" - Adrian Eisenlord - T-152-6

Art, Books and Articles:


"Brownwater" by Samuel Crawford Tom Nielsen's MRFA Poster
Chaplain Jim Johnson's New Book Tom Nielsen's "Colors of Courage" Print
"The Advisor (Co Van)" - Carl Nelson "Enter and Die" - Jim Milliken
"Combat Surgeon" - Doc Holley   Windjammer Naval Art - APB-ARL-ASPB
"After Incoming" by Alan Hodgkinson Roy "Doc" Branch's Poetry and Song
"Black River" by Rod Lindberg "9th Infantry Division, the Old Reliables"
"River Rats - Brown Water Navy" - Ronald McAbee "Seawolf 28 - A True Story" - Al Billings
"By Sea, Air and Land" - Ed Marolda "The Mobile Riverine Force" - Volume II
"A Town Where Lights are Blue - William Saffell  Chaplain Lester Westling's "All that Glitters ... is Not Gold"  

Dave McCann's PBR & M-6 Models 

9th Infantry Books

"Delta Blue" - Russell G. Robison's Poetry "The Lionheads" - Major General Josiah Bunting III
"Counterpart" - Captain Kiem Do with Julie Kane    Jack Carrico's Custom Riverine Boat Models
"River Rats" - by Ralph Christopher "Swift Boat Down" - Jim Steffes, ENC (USN Ret.)  
"Duty Honor Sacrifice" - Ralph Christopher "The Shake and Bake Sergeant - By Jerry Horton
"Riverine Photo Album" - Ralph Christopher "The Bamboo Shoot" - James Parker Wollner
Down to the Sea - Joyce Boyd Thompson   "The Man I didn't Know" - Dr. Art Schmitt & Marie LeDuc
"Jungle in Black" - Steve MaGuire "The War with No Name" - Dr. Art Schmitt, (CDR USN Ret.)
"House to House: Playing the Enemy's Game in Saigon, May 1968" - Keith Nolan "When Johnny/Joanie Come Marching Home - Reuniting Military Families Following Deployment" - Chaplain Lester Westling
"Poems in the Keys of Life" - Kerry "Doc" Pardue "Vietnam Ironclads" - A quality new book by Jack Carrico
"The Duck Pond" - Bob Johnston "No Sweat, GI" - By Ed Callison
"Riverine Operations 1966-69" - MG William B.  Fulton - Now Available for Purchase HERE "Back From War - Finding Hope & Understanding in Life After Combat" - 1st Lt. Lee Alley with Wade Stevenson
"War on the Rivers" - Weymouth D. Symmes The Saga of the YFU-79 & the U-Boat Sailors of I Corps - Tom Lanagan
"This is Latch - The Story of Rear Admiral Roy F. Hoffman" - Weymouth D. Symmes "Wooden Ships and Iron Men: The U.S. Navy's Ocean Minesweepers, 1953-1994" - Cdr. David D. Bruhn, USN (Ret.)
"Firefight on Vietnam Brown Water" - Lynn Salsi Wooden Ships and Iron Men: The U.S. Navy’s Coastal and Motor Minesweepers, 1941-1953 - Cdr. David D. Bruhn, USN (Ret.)
My Heart's at Sea Forever - Author Unknown "Cat Lo - A Memoir of Invincible Youth" - By Virg Erwin
"Mekong First Light" - Lt. Joseph W. Callaway Jr. "In the Land of Nine Dragons" - By Dave Argabrite & Others
"The River Rats of Vietnam" - Christine & Mark Purdy "Combat Trauma - A Personal Look at Long Term Consequences" - Chaplain Jim D. Johnson
"Journeys Through Cancer and Faith" - Ed Callison & Bill Rogerson "Muddy Jungle Rivers" - Wendell Affield - T-112-11
"Sea Story" & Other Sketches - CDR Corwin A. Bell - RAID 72 "The Boy's of '67 - Charlie Company's War in Vietnam" - Andrew Weist
"Trouble on the Grand Canal" - Jim LeDoux - YRBM-21 "Welcome Home/A Monument of Honor" - Ross Lewis
"MacCarthur and Halsey's Pacific Island Hoppers: The Forgotten Fleet" - David D. Bruhn "After the Parade" - Adjustments Confronting Military Personnel and their Families - Captain Lester A. Westling, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
"Fear was my only Weapon" - J. Dennis Papp "Backtracking in Brown Water" - Rolland E. Kidder
"Mekong Mud Dogs" - The Story of SGT Ed Eaton    

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Suggestions on Filing a VA Claim   From the Galley page 4
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Links to Toxic Chemicals that You May have been Exposed to While in the Navy 

Navy Logistics Library - Recipes

Veteran Advocacy

Certificate of Appreciation to the MRFA For Supporting Charlie Company (FWD) 2-103rd Armor Operation Iraqi Freedom II

VVA Chapter 33 - 2007 Vietnam Trip I  (PDF File) Things to Do Before and After a Veteran's Death
VVA Chapter 33 - 2007 Vietnam Trip II (PDF File) Click here to Learn about things to do when a Veteran Passes Away
Vietnam Conflict - Historical Map by Hammond (PDF file) "Lean on Me" - Wounded Warrior Cane Project
Recognizing and Acknowledging our Veterans - Jerry Lippincott Website Awards

Brown Water Navy And Delta Army Vietnam Veterans

Stan Lambert (USS Mark - AKL-12) has put together a very nice Yuku Board dedicated to Brown Water Sailors, Soldiers and anyone else who may want to become involved. We're having a great time and the Yuku Board is growing with each new day.. Why not stop by and take a look by clicking on the link above? 


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