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U.S. Navy Mobile Riverine Force

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Naval Bases/Support Activities: Official Reports:
Click Here  CTG 117.2 Combat After Action Report 15-16 Sep 1967
RAS ELEVEN Combat After Action Report 16 June 1968
River Assault Squadrons: Task Forces:
Command History of RAS NINE
1967 Cruisebook
TF - 115

TF - 116

How Detachment ECHO Got Its LSSC to SEA FLOAT (and it's LCPL)

SEA FLOAT & SOLID ANCHOR - By GMCM (SW) (Ret.) Robert H. Stoner

TF - 117

ASPB Class Naval Art

CTF-116 Map (Plans, Bases and Units)

"Irma La Douche - Water Cannon ATC-14 - By Former Boat Captain BM1 Ray Longaker (BMCM Ret.)

"Brown Water Navy" - By GMCM (SW) (Ret.) Robert H. Stoner (Then click on the links for Operation Market Time, Operation Game Warden, Mobile Riverine Force and Naval Support Activities)

Wisconsin War Stories Vietnam: Turning Point - Brown Water Navy - Good Mobile Riverine Force coverage

Command History of RAS ELEVEN
1967 Cruisebook
Command History of RAS THIRTEEN
Command History of RAS FIFTEEN
RAS FIFTEEN Roster - April 1969

Boat Specifications - 1969

  ASPB --- CCB --- Monitor --- ATC  


Ship's Histories

To check on Ships Histories and Photos visit these websites: - All Amphibious Ships

[ When
You reach your Ship's Page then click on DANFS History toward the bottom of the Page ] - LST's

Letter of Commendation for June 17-21, 1967 actions  

AKL's:  APA's: 
Mark (AKL-12)  
Brule (AKL-28)  
Montrose (APA-212) 
Okanogan (APA-220)

Bexar (APA-237)
APL's:  ARG's: 
Tutuila (ARG-4)
ARL's: APB's: 
Satyr (ARL-23)
Sphinx (ARL-24)
Askari (ARL-30)
Indra (ARL-37)
Krishna (ARL-38)
ARL Class Naval Art
Benewah (APB-35)
Colleton (APB-36)
Mercer (APB-39)  
Nueces (APB-40) 

APB Class Naval Art


View the 1967 Cruisebook to see Plank Owners from the USS Benewah, USS Colleton, USS Askari, APL-26 as well as Operating Maps.

Landing Ship Squadron 3 - Citation - (01 April 68 - 31 March 69)



Pilot Instructions - Vung Tau to Saigon

We want to Honor our I Corps Sailors as well

The Saga of the YFU-79 & the U-Boat Sailors of I Corps - Tom Lanagan

Merchant Ships in Vietnam


LST's:  LST's: (Continued)
Blanco County (LST-344)
Caddo Parish (LST-515)  
Caroline County (LST-525)
Chesterfield County (LST-551)
Coconino County (603)
Garrett County (LST-786)

Hampshire County (LST-819)
Harnett County (LST-821)
Hickman County (LST-825)
Holmes County (LST-836)
Hunterdon County (LST-838)
Iredell County (LST-839)
Jennings County (LST-846)
Jerome County (LST-848)
Kemper County (LST-854)
Luzerne County (LST-902)

Madera County (LST-905)
Meeker County (LST-980)
Monmouth County (LST-1032)
Nye County (LST-1067)
Outagamie County (LST-1073)
Page County (LST-1076)
Park County (LST-1077) 
Pitkin County (LST-1082)

St. Clair County (LST-1096)
Snohomish County (LST-1126)

Stone County (LST-1141)

Sumner County (LST-1148)
Sutter County (LST-1150)

Terrell County (LST-1157)
Tioga County (LST-1158)
Tom Green County (LST-1159)

Tuscaloosa (LST-1187)
Vernon County (LST-1161)
Washoe County (LST-1165)
Washtenaw County (LST-1166)
Westchester County (LST-1167)
Wexford County (LST-1168)
Whitfield County (LST-1169)
Windham County (LST-1170)



Clarion River (LSMR-409) 
White River (LSMR-536)
St. Francis River (LSMR-525)
USS Carronade (IFS-1)

Tortuga (LSD-26)

YRBM's: YTB's:


Winnemucca (YTB-785)

Click HERE to read an Article about YTB-785
written by Crewmember Matty Veneziano

Misc:   Misc:
LST's in Vietnam (Gator Navy)
LST's in Vietnam with Battle Stars
What happened to the LST's
Naval Command South Vietnam

Wooden Boats and Iron Men
Mine Warfare in Vietnam
USN KIA For TF-117 
Green Navy Ship during WWII 
"History of the US Navy" 
The Annapolis Hotel
The Saga of Tango Four

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