River Assault Squadron Fifteen

Chronology of Events



11 May – River Assault Squadron FIFTEEN commissioned at San Diego, California, with Commander Walter C. DEAL, Jr., commanding
04 June – River Assault Divisions 151 and 152 commissioned with LT J. P. FERRARA and Lt D. M. TOBOLSKI, commanding respectively
24 June – First personnel arrived in-country Vietnam for duty
07 August – First boats arrived in-country for activation
29 September – River Assault Division 151 operational
12 October – Command Headquarters established on USS NUECES (APB-40)
13 October – River Assault Division 152 operational
01 November – Commencement of River Assault Squadron FIFTEEN participation in OPERATION SEA LORDS
29 December – Commander D.R. DIVELBISS relieved Commander Walter C. DEAL, Jr. as Commander River Assault Squadron FIFTEEN


24 February – Command Headquarters shifted to USS MERCER (APB-39)
17 May – Commander A.L. HENRY relieved Commander D.R. DIVELBISS as Commander River Assault Squadron FIFTEEN