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Doug Ogden from Beaufort, SC wrote on March 31, 2018:
Just catching up with any old friends. I was one of the SEA COBRAS in Qui Nhon IUWG-Unit 3 from Nov. 1969-June, 1970. I was Operations Officer, then XO prior to turnover in June, 1970, then stayed as Senior Advisor to the unit with Naval Advisory Team 42. Left country in June 1971, went to law school. and joined the FBI. Retired in 1998. I am in contact with several shipmates, but would love to hear from (new) old ones.
Fred Goundrey from Harker Heights, Tx wrote on March 20, 2018:
I was a part of the Seabee team that came from MCB 10 to build the support base at Ben Luc. Quite a challenge and many great memories. We finished officially in July of 1969 and the Battalion returned to Port Hueneme, Ca. I was discharged August of '69.
George Reischling from Rutledge, Tennessee wrote on March 6, 2018:
"TO THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR IT, LIFE HAS A FLAVOR THAT THE PROTECTED WILL NEVER KNOW!" Ken, I came upon your site while surfing the net and knew that the above statement would have special meaning for you. Serving with 9th Infantry division in the Mekong Delta AO in Vietnam required a special type of courage. I served with 3/22nd, 25th Infantry Division out of Tay Ninh as an infantryman. Fought the NVA on the slopes of Nui Ba Den twice with numerous firefights in and around the area bordering the Cambodian border. The cover photo on my site looks out the front window of a Huey onto the Black Virgin Mountain. Remember your Christmas in Vietnam? Mine was spent on an ambush patrol near the Cambodian border. After 5 months in the field and numerous firefights, I was pulled to the 93rd Evac at Long Binh to work with soldiers suffering from combat fatigue. Over the last 10 years, I chronicled my tour of duty and the response has been overwhelming. There are presently over One Hundred 5 Star Reviews worldwide I believe that you will relate to this true story of the fight for Nui Ba Den and the struggles and sacrifices that the soldiers who served their country in Vietnam endured. Thousands of Vietnam Veterans have proudly endorsed these memoirs. Please check out the website at with the accompanying introduction. It will make you proud for your service and all the men and women who served our country during the Vietnam war. I proud that you made it home brother! Thank you for your service and May God Bless!
william gist from wellston oklahoma 74881 wrote on March 3, 2018:
mobile riverine force taskforce 117 div. 111 sq. 11 tango 111-7 rate gmg2 1967 tru 1969
Luis A Reyna from San Antonio TX. wrote on February 17, 2018:
My name is Luis Reyna from the 6th/31st Bravo Company 9th Infantry Div (March 1968 - April 1969) The 6th Battalion of 975 soldiers arrived March 31, 1968 in Vietnam. Our first stop was Bearcat Base for basic orientation. Once our barracks were completed in Dong Tam we commence to support the Navy Mobile Riverine Force. Our support was single missions through the Mekong River in Delta. Most of our missions were via helicopters or walking most of the time. Our battalion lost about 235 soldiers during combat operations. 25% to 30% foot soldiers were wounded during missions in 1968.
Donald Mathews from Winston-Salem,NC wrote on February 11, 2018:
Sgt E-5, Plt Ldr at the time. In Echo C o. 3/60 Inf. In water up to my neck most of the time. 4/67 - 4/68 .
Tammy from West Palm Beach wrote on February 3, 2018:
I'm looking for Robert H. Johnson who was in the USNR around 1965 in Nha Trang. I have his dog tag but that's all I know about him. I'm helping my dad find his father because we have never met him before. Please contact me if you know him. Thank you so much.
neill nierman from apalachicola florida wrote on February 2, 2018:
served aboard tango 151-14 may 69 to may 70 rate was engine man was the port twenty gunner
Paul C. Daiute from Hallowell, Maine wrote on February 1, 2018:
I was a Corpsman and sent to SOD to relieve Doc Beaver. I arrived at SOD just after the barges were refloated. When I landed I was greeted by a stretcher with a Vietnamese women on it who was in cardiac arrest from an overdose, I immediately started an iv and began doing CPR, I got a mouth full of vomited fish souse and rice into my mouth. I asked to see if we could get a Doctor from off one of the ships off shore and to my surprise and relief one came but then asked me why I had started and IV I knew I was in trouble and never asked for help again. I was with SOD when it was towed to New SOD and to ATSB Ca Mau at the old French outpost. I would like to hear from Davis, Porky, Pip, Chief Miller, and especially Chief Patanaude.. I was very proud to have taken care of such brave guys. I hope everyone has done well in life and that there is peace in your lives. Doc Daiute ATSB Sod, ATSB Ca Mau 70 -71
Jimmy from Ramey wrote on February 1, 2018:
My father was Jimmy Ramey and he was the boat captain on PBR 64 in River Section 522 until they were ambushed on October 25th 1967. He sustained life threatening injuries and was flown to a hospital in Japan following this event. His boat was completely destroyed and sunk. My father passed away in 2011 and I am trying to establish contact with anyone that may have been on his boat and survived or someone that may have known him during his time on YRBM-16, or USS Epping Forest, or the USS Ajax. His service was from 1962-1968. Please contact me if you have any information that may be helpful. 770-378-2661 cell or by email at Sincerely, Hank Ramey
Thomas P Ford from Scappoose wrote on January 28, 2018:
Served with C 3/17 and D 3/5 first tour 67-68 second 70-71. Looking for Bill Sage. We served together at Ft Irwin in 1968, he was a 9ID CIB 1st Lt. No idea what spot he served in the Div. I'd very much like to get in touch with him as I have an original oil painting of his that he might like to re-claim. It has been around the world with me and hung on many walls.
Bill Mullins from Flower Mound wrote on January 18, 2018:
Hello. I’m a volunteer looking for photos of servicemen killed in Vietnam. Those photos will be posted with their profile at I’m looking for SN Nicholas I. Pyle, Columbus, Ohio. He was attached to Flotilla One from 1967-69 and died 23 February 1969. Anyone with a photo please contact me. Best regards.
Darrell Nelson from Red Wing, MN wrote on January 17, 2018:
Was aboard USS Askari ARL 30 from 70-71. We were at Dong Tam most of the time but went to Vung Tau, Binh Thuy and Song Un Doc and sea float. Rode the Askari to Guam and put it OOC and turned it over to the Indonesian Navy. We repaired all the heavies Alpha's and Tango boats. I was an ENC in R-2 Div and had the inside and outside EN shops.
Perry Rickard from Clovis, CA wrote on January 16, 2018:
Each new year renews memories of Doug Morton, whom I served with on M-91-3 in early 1968. Our crew took over the Monitor in 11/67 and was relived in 11/68. Doug joined us early in 68. We survived Tet with no casualties and felt very fortunate. On 4/4/68 in a nasty firefight at Kien Hoa our main turret was hit by a rocket injuring 2 and killing Doug. Doug Morton was an extremely gentle soul and his death, our first and only on our boat, was devastating. While subsequent engagements led to numerous crew injuries, the loss of Doug Morton is a memory that will never fade.
Bob McMillan from Staten Island, NY wrote on January 14, 2018:
Yesterday, Jan 13, 2018 five member's who served together with Company A, 4th Bn./ 47th Inf. Mobile Riverine Force 1968-1969 came together in sunny Florida for a mini re-union. It's been almost fifty years since we seen each other, but it was like yesterday as Bob McMillan, John Gallo, Bill Chase, David Mack and Tom Currie came together with memories of our time in the Mekong Delta. Hopefully, our paths will cross again. God Bless America!
Brad Hunter from Belmont,OH wrote on January 10, 2018:
Please have Gunner Stanley contact me at my email. I was stationed with him in the early 80s. Thank you. Brad
Richard liggett from Lambertville mich wrote on January 5, 2018:
Aboard 67 thru Nov 68,ask Al Moore how you get the weavels out of the bread flour!
Paul Daniels from Columbia, SC 29229 wrote on December 24, 2017:
Incountry Nov 67 - Apr 68. 3/E/4-47. Attended my 1st reunion last September. Looking for Information on47th Reg Reunion. Doesn't seem like it, but it's been 50 years.
Robert B Reese Jr from Dallas wrote on December 23, 2017:
Veteran of B Company, 1-26th, 1st Infantry Division. In April 69 we departed Phu Cuong on a joint MRF up the Saigon to the Ben Suc area. One of the more memorable operations I experienced. Great site. Trying to find more info on the Phu Cuong base and records of operations from there.
David Knotts from Burlington, Iowa wrote on December 11, 2017:
Medic, 2nd Plt, D Co, 3/47th Inf, 9th Inf. Div. Feb - Aug 69. Just wanted to let you all know I think about you often and wish you all the very best this holiday season. I am very proud to have had the honor to serve with you. Go Army, beat Navy!
Bill Lance from Urich, Missouri wrote on December 7, 2017:
Coxswain T-111-10 Feb. '68~ July '68, Boat Captain A-111-1 July '68~ Dec '68
Ron Helton from Chickamauga wrote on December 5, 2017:
I enjoy reading about and seeing all of the photos of the MRF
Greg Witt from Williamsburg wrote on November 15, 2017:
Reporting that David Arthur Wethington, ET3 passed away on October 27, 2017. I knew David when we served aboard the USS Whitfield County LST-1169. A nice guy that lived life to the fullest. RIP shipmate.
Mollie from Roseville, CA wrote on November 10, 2017:
My Dad David Mead served in Vietnam as a Wireman in the 2nd Brigade 9th Infantry Division in 1968(?). He didn't really like to talk about the time he served much, but I know he was very proud to say that he was part of the 2nd Brigade 9th Infantry Division. He passed away in 2009 suddenly. He left us with so many great memories, but there was always that part of him that he didn't want to share. I truly appreciate all of you who served, and I know how hard it was when you came back. Before he passed away he was finally ready to deal with a lot of the things he saw over there, but was never given that opportunity. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
Terrance Purington, (kid) from Oregon wrote on September 30, 2017:
Song Ong Doc, HAL-3, Det-6.... I was at Song Ong Doc, on October 20 1970... There is an error in LCDR Lee Wahler USNR account of the two Det 6 SeaWolf Helicopters, They were sitting on the helo pad when the attack occurred. During the attack Det 6, "Scrambled" and provided rapid air support while the attack was still very much in progress...I "kid" was sitting?firing from the right door of the trail helicopter with a birds eye view of the battle. Det 6 rotated off coverage with Det 1 when we required fuel and ammo at Solid Anchor..We stayed airborne above SOD, (As well as landing the lead bird at night for rescue of persons still on the ground) until daylight, then landed at SOD before going out to the LST Garret County. There is much more to this story then told here...(kid, Det-6 Gunner/Crew-Chief, witness)