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Chris Watson from Dallas, Ga wrote on June 2, 2017:
9th Infantry 15th Combat Engineer Battalion D company 2nd platoon. Feb 1968 - Feb. 1969
Richard Larson from Winslow, Arizona wrote on May 27, 2017:
Participated in the land clearing operations at the Cross Roads with the 15th Engineer Battalion. 1969
B.B.Dusty Rhodes from Sutherland, Va wrote on May 19, 2017:
RivDiv 571, 68-69 out of Vinh Long. Would love to hear from someone else that served there at that time. We had MK 1 PBR's 78 and 83. I was an SM1 at the time. Please contact me at Thanks
Dusty Rhodes from Sutherland, Va wrote on May 19, 2017:
1968-1969:River Section 522/River Division 571. Co Chien River out of Vin Long. Would love to hear from someone that served with me.
Robert Scofield from ROCKWOOD wrote on May 17, 2017:
Riverton 13 tango boat 132-2 mk19 gunner june68-May 69 looking for crew
Robert Scofield from ROCKWOOD wrote on May 16, 2017:
Looking for crewmembers on t-132-2 RIVRON 13 June 68-may 69 ihave found 1 Bm2 Cavlin Obengfell thanked for any help
jc ford from panama city wrote on May 10, 2017:
Riv-div 91-July 68 aspb's til turn over, then to rivdiv 111 til back to the world...I think the date is correct but I could be wrong...been a while...
Don Ross from Cupertino, CA wrote on May 9, 2017:
I was the coxswain of Monitor M-111-1 Oct 1968 to Jul 1969. Our usual base was USS Benewah at Dong Tam. One of our major actions was when we were attacked on our way back from a mission on the Vam Co Tay the morning of Mar 30, 1969. After taking multiple RPG-2 hits, the napalm tanks caught fire, the coxswain flat was destroyed, and the boat was a total loss. I beached it downriver from the firefight as it was sinking.
Mark Taeschner from Black Diamond wrote on May 8, 2017:
I am looking for a radar display for a PBR Mk2 I own. Mine is PBR6827. (LOOK IT UP ON YouTube. Any help finding one would be great. Thanks Mark Taeschner 253-226-3179
Artis Redding from West Sacramento wrote on April 30, 2017:
I'm Mike Redding's daughter; we came across this page when we found my dad's membership card in his briefcase. He enjoyed the reunions and looked forward to them every year. If anyone has any memories they'd like to share with me, please feel free. I can keep them to share later with his 21 month old granddaughter that he loved dearly the 8 months he had with her. I'm sure he's still singing karaoke somewhere out there.
roger tolbert sr from herrin wrote on April 26, 2017:
Echo Co. 4th/47th Inf. Rifelman, Lt. Gorman R.T.O. sept 1967-sept 1968. Live in herrin Ill. 68yrs old. email,
John Christian from Puyallup, Wa. wrote on April 20, 2017:
My 1st ship ran to sea at flank speed (1 hr) after our Angel got shot at by a Junk and we had a 5/54 on the Bow and twin 3/50 on the Boat Deck each side, asked for VietNam duty. In country Nov. 68 and with RivDiv 91 until we gave our boats away. Finished my time with RAID 75 our call sign "Green Coffin 75". The day I flew out in Nov. 69, saw Hon. Col. Martha Ray, Green Barets. Will always be a River Rat.
Nicholas Ditullio from Philadelphia wrote on April 20, 2017:
Hey, I'm the grandson of Raymond Mimm. I'm looking to help him get in contact with other members of his unit. Thank you.
Sammie Ringer from Sussex, WI. wrote on April 8, 2017:
It is with great sadness I report the going home to the Lord of my beautiful and wonderful wife. She passed on 4/5/17. All that knew her will agree that she was loved by all that met her.
Dave Butler & Bob Davis from Otsego, NY & Beacon Falls, CT wrote on April 6, 2017:
BM2 Coxswains of RAD 112 Monitors 1 and 2. 1/67- 3/68. The up coming September 2017 reunion will mark the 50th anniversary of our service within this unique Brown Water Naval force. This being our first reunion, we both are looking forward to paying tribute to the fallen, reestablishing contact, and sharing good times with past crew members.
Ron Smith from Phoenix wrote on March 27, 2017:
Served on the USS Askari ARL-30 as a Radioman 1969-1970, TF-117. I like the site. What are the chances that you can get hold of the MRF poster and add it to your store?
Patricia Wilson...1SGT Earnest L Wilson from Carthage wrote on March 20, 2017:
I was reading through all the entries and I came across Tom Howlett's entry describing when the ammo dump was blown up and the Navy Barracks were destroyed. My husband was there. 1SG EARNEST L. Wilson. Artillery. I remember him telling me about the Navy Barracks and the ammo dump. Pat Wilson
Larry Wright wrote on March 13, 2017:
Served as 20mm and .50 cal gunner on T-111-13 Jan 69 to June 69, then moved on to Riv Div 131. Really like what you have done to this site.
Ronnie Edwards from Trussville, Alabama wrote on March 12, 2017:
Served on the APL-26 from Jan. 67 to Jan. 68. I was a DC-2. We were towed all over the delta. Spent some time at Dong Tam. Caught a plane three days before TET.
Michael Antonio from Boulder City, Nv. wrote on March 8, 2017:
Served in River Patrol Section 513 from August 1968. Thru September 1969. Served as forward twin 50's machiine gunner with some of the best people you would ever want to count on! Mike Antonio GMG 2
Ben Phillips from Jacksonville wrote on March 3, 2017:
Zippo 4 & Tango 48, 1969 to 1970, The website is great, It's good to have a site that we can all relate to. Hopefully it will connect many friends that have not heard from each other in many years. Ben Phillips "Phillydog"
William "Doug" Turner from Albuquerque wrote on February 27, 2017:
Great site, great work and a great tribute to all the brothers that served. I was a diver on the USS Askari 5/67-5/68
Richard (Dick) Koenig from Delavan, Wi. wrote on February 26, 2017:
As a member I have to say this is a great revamp of this site. T-91-2 (July 1967- July 1968)
Frank Henning from Thermopolis. WY wrote on February 25, 2017:
I was in PBR's 68 - 69, Riv Pat Sec 531 and later Riv Div 512
David Knotts from Burlington, Ia wrote on February 25, 2017:
I was a medic in D, 3/47th Inf 1969. Proud to have served with you great Americans.