Art, Books and Articles


"Delta FAC" by USAF MG Paul E. Landers Jr.

"Crossroads Diaries" by Tom Center

"For Good Reason" - James D. Robertson

"Brownwater" by Samuel Crawford

"Faces of War" - MG Ira A. Hunt Jr.

"And the Redbird Sings" - Phillip Dowsett

"Mekong Mud Dogs" - The Story of SGT Ed Eaton

"The Siren's Call and Second Chances" - Tom and Joan Kelley

Chaplain Jim Johnson's New Book

Tom Nielsen's MRFA Poster

"The Advisor (Co Van)" - Carl Nelson

"By Sea, Air and Land" - Ed Marolda

"Combat Surgeon" - Doc Holley

"Enter and Die" - Jim Milliken

"After Incoming" by Alan Hodgkinson

Roy "Doc" Branch's Poetry and Song

"Black River" by Rod Lindberg

"9th Infantry Division, the Old Reliables"

"River Rats - Brown Water Navy" - Ronald McAbee

"Seawolf 28 - A True Story" - Al Billings

"A Town Where Lights are Blue - William Saffell 

Chaplain Lester Westling's "All that Glitters ... is Not Gold"  

Dave McCann's PBR & M-6 Models 

9th Infantry Books

"Delta Blue" - Russell G. Robison's Poetry

"The Lionheads" - Major General Josiah Bunting III

"Counterpart" - Captain Kiem Do with Julie Kane 

Jack Carrico's Custom Riverine Boat Models

"River Rats" - by Ralph Christopher

"Swift Boat Down" - Jim Steffes, ENC (USN Ret.)  

"Duty Honor Sacrifice" - Ralph Christopher

"The Shake and Bake Sergeant - By Jerry Horton

"Riverine Photo Album" - Ralph Christopher

"The Bamboo Shoot" - James Parker Wollner

Down to the Sea - Jayne Boyd Thompson  

"The Man I didn't Know" - Dr. Art Schmitt & Marie LeDuc

"Jungle in Black" - Steve MaGuire

"The War with No Name" - Dr. Art Schmitt, (CDR USN Ret.)

"House to House: Playing the Enemy's Game in Saigon, May 1968" - Keith Nolan

"When Johnny/Joanie Come Marching Home - Reuniting Military Families Following Deployment" - Chaplain Lester Westling

"Poems in the Keys of Life" - Kerry "Doc" Pardue

"Vietnam Ironclads" - A quality new book by Jack Carrico

"The Duck Pond" - Bob Johnston

"No Sweat, GI" - By Ed Callison

"Riverine Operations 1966-69" - MG William B.  Fulton

"Back From War - Finding Hope & Understanding in Life After Combat" - 1st Lt. Lee Alley with Wade Stevenson

"War on the Rivers" - Weymouth D. Symmes

The Saga of the YFU-79 & the U-Boat Sailors of I Corps - Tom Lanagan

"This is Latch - The Story of Rear Admiral Roy F. Hoffman" - Weymouth D. Symmes

"Mekong First Light" - Lt. Joseph W. Callaway Jr.

"Firefight on Vietnam Brown Water" - Lynn Salsi

"In the Land of Nine Dragons" - By Dave Argabrite & Others

My Heart's at Sea Forever - Author Unknown

"Cat Lo - A Memoir of Invincible Youth" - By Virg Erwin

"The River Rats of Vietnam" - Christine & Mark Purdy

"Combat Trauma - A Personal Look at Long Term Consequences" - Chaplain Jim D. Johnson

"Journeys Through Cancer and Faith" - Ed Callison & Bill Rogerson

"Muddy Jungle Rivers" - Wendell Affield - T-112-11

"Sea Story" & Other Sketches - CDR Corwin A. Bell - RAID 72

"The Boy's of '67 - Charlie Company's War in Vietnam" - Andrew Weist

"Trouble on the Grand Canal" - Jim LeDoux - YRBM-21

"Welcome Home/A Monument of Honor" - Ross Lewis

"MacCarthur and Halsey's Pacific Island Hoppers: The Forgotten Fleet" - David D. Bruhn

"After the Parade" - Adjustments Confronting Military Personnel and their Families - Captain Lester A. Westling, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

"Fear was my only Weapon" - J. Dennis Papp

"Backtracking in Brown Water" - Rolland E. Kidder

"Once Upon A Time in Southeast Asia" - Dr. Rodney Bertram

"Combat on the Dark Side of the Moon" - Charlie Nesbitt

"Two Cows, I Ain't Half-Bad" - Bac Eaton

Windjammer Naval Art - APB-ARL-ASPB

"On the Gunline: U.S. and Royal Australian Navy Warships off Vietnam, 1965-1973" CDR David D. Bruhn, USN (Ret.)

"Support for the Fleet: U.S. and Royal Australian Navy Service Force Ships that Served in Vietnam, 1965-1973" CDR David D. Bruhn, USN (Ret.)

"Wooden Ships and Iron Men, The Navy's Ocean Minesweepers 1953-1994" - CDR David Bruhn, USN (Ret.)

"Wooden Ships and Iron Men Volume III, The U.S. Navy Coastal and Inshore Minesweepers and Minecraft that Served in Vietnam 1953-1976" CDR David D. Bruhn, USN (Ret.)

"Gators Offshore and Upriver: The U.S. Navy's Amphibious Ships and Underwater Demolition Teams and Royal Australian Navy Clearance Divers in Vietnam" - CDR David Bruhn, USN (Ret.)