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Richard Johnson from Saginaw wrote on August 18, 2019:
Was with A company 2/39th Infantry 1968
Charles Pantino from Lawtey wrote on August 16, 2019:
May the blessings be. C -Company 3/60 9th ID 66/67
Gerald (Jerry) Burleigh from Orange, TX wrote on August 14, 2019:
I have the last flag that was flown on M-132-1 that was given to me by Doc Rather. I am framing it and would like any good photo of m1 and the crew list that was on it for tournover to put in the frame 409-988-4540
Roger Morey from LONG BEACH wrote on August 9, 2019:
Hello everyone, I was in the first group to be barged up the Vam Co Dong river to Ben Luc and help the CB's finish setting up the base at Ben Luc for Operation Giant Slingshot. I was a diesel mechanic and my first duties on the base were as the Oil King in charge of fueling the boats and keeping track of the fuel on the base. One other person helped me, unfortunately I do not remember his name. I was On Duty 24/7 to make sure that when any boat came in needing fuel I had to make sure they got what they needed, as no boat was to sit empty when tied up just in case they had to make a quick exit. After about 6 months or so I was transferred to the overhaul shop and helped in the rebuild and overhaul of engines from those PBRs and others. I wish I had pictures and other items of that time there, but for some reason I didn't do that.
Gail D. Seward from Gibson City wrote on August 5, 2019:
Hello, my husband Sgt. Harrison E. "Bud" Seward was with Mobile Riverines 9th Inf Div, Army, he is deceased 5 May 2001 of Agent Orange related illnesses......I just had a phone message from a lady named Kitty looking for my hubby, I would love to hear from his buddies from the service.......please contact me
George Reischling from Rutledge wrote on August 4, 2019:
"To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor that the protected will never know" 25th Infantry Division -Tay Ninh- Cu Chi- 3/22nd Infantryman 69-70 Courage on the Mountain-
p landers wrote on July 28, 2019:
USAF Forward Air Controller, 2d BDE, Dong Tam.5/67-5/68, except for a couple of short temporary duties to Bear Cat and to Vung Tau. Lost several good 2 BDE friends along the way, including CPT Bob Reeves, who was in my squadron at the Air Force Academy. Flying and working with the MRF as a FAC was one of my most frustrating and challenging assignments given the rules of engagement and the complexities of air/artillery fire support. But it was personally satisfying to be part of a historic operation.
Richard helmick from Delta co wrote on July 28, 2019:
Radioman USS Colleton APB36 all of 1968
James D Glenn from Decatue wrote on July 1, 2019:
yes i am planning on it and will bring my cruse book from the Askari
charles mehltretter from harvest, al wrote on June 30, 2019:
David are you going to the reunion in Nashville tenn. ?
James D Glenn from Decatue wrote on June 29, 2019:
on board the Askari for two tours 2/67 9/68 made the Singapore trip work in the AC Flats and boiler room
horst filtzer from MOHAVE VALLEY wrote on June 26, 2019:
3/47 from November 1966 in fort Riley KS to April 1968 in MRF Dong Tam RVN Battalion surgeon, After all these years just met with 2 members of B company who remembered me treating their wounds. What an honor to be part of this great group of men who gave so much ! Horst S Filtzer MD FACS
Mike McCann from Belmont, CA wrote on June 19, 2019:
Served with 1st. Platoon, A Company, 4/47, 9th. Infantry Division from Oct. 1968 to.Aug , 1969. I think in early July, 1969, most in my unit were sent states. Not sure why, but I remained in Vietnam until Aug. 20, 1969. At Dong Tam, an unknown fire base camp and Tam.before my DEROS.
kevin campbell from Middleboro wrote on June 16, 2019:
Hi all, first time on the site, I served in the Delta, out of Dong Tam , from 1/69 thru 6/70!!, was on T-111-13, RAD 131. Would really like to get in touch with my Boat Crew, Larry Wright, who is a member of MRFA, also, Vinnie Reynolds, and I have to apologize, but don't remember the engineman's or coxswain's names!!, Its been 50 years and I'm getting older!? I can be reached at 520-891-6981. Thank you all for your service.
Heather Henderson from Jacksonville wrote on June 15, 2019:
My father James Wooten sent me this link to see a little more about what he did. I am also retired Navy ITC, formally RM. I am genuinely happy to be able to see this group still communicating and helping each other. Much Love!
David Hill from Finksburg, Md wrote on June 7, 2019:
Orders to Naval Support Activity Saigon Sept.69. Assigned to det AnThoi aboard APL-21 tied up to USS TUITAWILA Off Phuoc Island in gulf of Siam supporting swift boats of coastal squadron 1 & others. APL-21 eventually was condemned bc of excessive leakage & had to transfer all contents & stores to replacement APL 30 in May of 70. We were ordered to be towed up river to Operation Sea Float but cooler heads prevailed after small supply ship Mark was destroyed by a mine headed up river. Later towed to Dong Tam to support PBR’s. Exit Ton Sa Nut Nov 70. Love to hear from anyone who served aboard either of these tubs. Welcome Home Brother’s & Sister’s!
Jerry A Trail from Santa Monica wrote on May 27, 2019:
Hello everyone, I was on Alpha 111-5 and Tango 111-10 in 1968.
William Rountree from Nederland wrote on May 24, 2019:
US Navy Moble Riverine Support Group 1969-1970
John Edward (Ed) Smith from Havre De Grace, Maryland wrote on April 28, 2019:
I came aboard May 1966 USS Mark (AKL-12) commissioning as the only Radarman (RD3) aboard for my tour of duty. Passed my RD2 test but not given time to short. Raise in Fontana, Calif.
LISA HALL from CINCINNATI wrote on April 23, 2019:
My dad was Daniel Hall - 9th infantry division Charlie Company Vietnam 1968-1969 I'm Very proud of my dad. He will be greatly missed. Daniel E. Hall 4/22/1948 - 4/6/2019
Vinnie Vitolo from Jackson, NJ wrote on April 21, 2019:
Hello Everyone, I served as a grunt with the 3rd/39th/9th Inf from May68 until Aug69. Started out operating around Bearcat then moved down to the Mekong Delta where we operated with you fine gentlemen of the Mobile Riverine Force on the Tango boats. Will be attending the reunion in Nashville
William "Bill" L. Reynolds from Valencia wrote on April 9, 2019:
I've been a proud MRFA member for going on 20 years now having served with Charlie Company, 4th/47th, 9th Infantry Division from when it was first reactivated to train for combat at Fort Riley, Kansas, for the Vietnam War in May 1966. I served my entire tour of duty departing on or about January 6, 1968.
rc parrott from gastonia nc wrote on March 25, 2019:
served as securiy at phouc xuyen atsb from sep 70-feb 71. anybody remember this dump?
stephanie rae townsend from marysville washington wrote on March 24, 2019:
my dad served on the uss mark im not certain of the years but he ran supplys up the river he went by C.D Townsend and he was very proud of his service and the men he served with .
CVSO Kewaunee Cty from Kewaunee, WI wrote on March 22, 2019:
BM3 Floyd Schoening, ACU-1 ('67-70), As his VA Rep I am trying to find guys who can verify his WestPac time, especially boots on ground or up river. He was on LCU?. Please contact the office: (920) 388-7198 or email but please mention Floyd by name as we have many messages out for different veterans. Thanks, Jane B, CVSO SFC (Ret), US Army/Army Reserve For free help with VA claims find your nearest CVSO/VSO at: VSO Rep