Roy Wagoner – Shipfitter


(Photos Courtesy of Jerry Ingram – LST-902 Crewman)


I joined the Navy on July 27, 1950 and went thru Boot Camp training at San Diego, California from August 10, 1950 to October 27,1950. After Boot Camp I was transferred to Bremerton, Washington to help re-commission LST-836. We made ship maneuvers down the Pacific Coast during a shake down cruise. All the crew, including officers, were reservist with the exception of those that were out of Boot Camp.

I made one trip to Korea in the Far East and back to the United State side on LST-836. Then in December 1951 I was transferred to LST-902. I helped re-commission her on January 18, 1952 at Astoria, Oregon.



I feel that these two ships were an honor to have served on since I was Plankowner on both. They both served the United States well in all wars.

I stayed aboard LST-902 from January 18, 1952 until December of 1952 and then went onboard LST-1110 for my final tour of duty. LST-1110 was at Long Beach, California. I stayed aboard her until I was discharged in May 1954.

As you can see, all of my Naval time was spent on LST’s . I think that the “Amphibs” were the greatest part of the Navy.

Roy Wagoner, Shipfitter

Note: LST-902 will have a reunion at Branson, MO the weekend of May 1-4, 2003