Veterans Day 2015 Gathering

Washington, D.C.



This year kicked off the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War and the MRFA and 9th Infantry Division had a very good turnout to honor our fellow Veterans and our Brothers and Sisters on the Wall. Fifty-five Veterans and 17 family members participated in our laying of wreaths at the Wall on Veterans Day.

Harry Hahn presented every Veteran present with a 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemorative Label Pin and a proclamation from the President.

First timers Henry Gregory and Charles Rousey, along with Roy Moseman, Dave Schoenian, and Ron Albee placed the 9th Infantry Division wreath at Panel 48 W in honor of their 15 Brothers from the 4/47 on this panel. (Picture 3)

Patrick Hughes shared his thoughts on Veterans Day and the wonderful Brotherhood we have in the MRFA. (Picture 4)

Harry Hahn and Frank Jones placed the MRFA – 9th Infantry Division wreath at the apex of the Wall in honor of all those we lost in Vietnam. Harry shared some comments on the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War and his thoughts of those we lost from our joint Navy and Army Team long ago. (Picture 5)

First timers Dave Pearson and Dick Brown placed a wreath for the 47th Infantry at Panel 26 E and shared some thoughts regarding those we lost long ago and what an honor it was to be at the Wall on Veterans Day. (Picture 6)

A prayer was offered by Charles Elder (Picture 7) followed by some remarks by Doug Smith on how wonderful it was to see so many present to honor our Brothers. Doug also mentioned that some could not with us today due to illness or other reasons, but who are with us just the same. (Picture 8)

Once again, the MRFA – 9th ID stood together and honored our Brother and Sisters on the Wall, as well as our fellow Veterans. Bravo Zulu! (Picture 9)

We hope to have more of you join us next year on this very special occasion.

In Brotherhood,
Bob “Doc” Pries

Note: All Photos by Howard Chernikoff
P.S. – FYI, All of Howard’s picture will be available on our Facebook group page.