Veterans Day 2014 Gathering

Washington, D.C.



We had a very good gathering to honor our fellow Vets and those on the Wall. There were about 60 people overall who participated in our wreath laying at the Wall on Veterans Day. Patrick Hughes and Jerry Amondson placed the 9th Infantry Division wreath. Doug Smith and his son, Brian, placed the 47th Infantry wreath. Tom Cantwell and his son, Scott, placed the Mobile Riverine Force Army-Navy wreath. It was great having Doug’s and Tom’s sons join us. Our children and their children are our legacy. Once again, the Mobile Riverine Force Association and 9th Infantry Division stand up to honor our Brother and Sisters on the Wall. Bravo Zulu!

In brotherhood,
Doc Bob Pries Board Member MRFA

For more information on future ceremonies you may contact:
Board Member Bob (Doc) Pries
Phone: (513) 659-4974