RAD 131 Update from CO William M. Kahn


Reference: William M. Kahn

69 March – William M. Kahn relieved Wolfgang as CO of RAD 131
69 June – Aug. – RAD was assigned to Operation Giant Slingshot, working out of Ben Luc.
69 August – US 9th Infantry sent back to the USA.
69 September – October – Conducted operations on the Vinh Te canal (Cambodian Border).
69 November – 70 March – Participated in joint operations with the VN supporting the 5th VN marines on the Song Ong Doc Operation Breezy Cove, patrol, ambush and interdiction job for which none of the River Assault craft except the Alphas were well suited.

Closing comments:

Without large troop units to support, we had outlasted any real usefulness. In fact RAD 131 had really ceased to exist as an integral unit after November, 69, when several boats were split off and assigned elsewhere on an as-needed basis. By the way, all the dates are approximate.

William M. Kahn, CO RAD 131