“Combat on the Dark Side of the Moon”

By Charlie Nesbitt

River Assault Squadron 11 – River Assault Division 112 – C-112-1
January – December 1968


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Charlie Nesbitt was raised in Phoenix, Arizona and served nearly 4 years with the United States Navy before his honorable discharge in 1969. He spent the majority of his working career in guest service and law enforcement. He has been happily married for 41 years with 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. He waited 46 years to write his book about Vietnam simply because he did not think anybody would be interested in the story. The main purpose for writing the book now is to honor his high school friend Doug Morton who was killed in Vietnam only 10 weeks into their tour. Charlie hopes that his book will shine a light on the sailors and soldiers of the Mobile Riverine Force for their courage and sacrifices in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam.

Combat on the Dark Side of the Moon blends history and experience virtually unknown to the majority, even the military enthusiast. Written in a unique (almost blog) manner, the book is fast paced and captivating in its vivid description of a boy becoming a man during the throes of the Vietnam War. The author spares no detail in his personal battles regarding everything from virginity, religious self-persecution, and drug abuse, to the sobering reality of war and its impact on youth. As a retired U.S. Air Force Veteran, I can only relate to perhaps five percent of the issues faced by those who survived the idiosyncrasies of the Brown Water Navy. The book brings to mind a more personalized experience of a Hamburger Hill or Full Metal Jacket scenario vs. a Rambo type story. It is most intriguing in its stark reality of life and death and a few incredible things a young man could experience in-between.

You may purchase Charlie’s book at: www.amazon.com
View Charlie’s (12) short Vietnam videos of RAS 11/RAD 112, additional photos and personal information on his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/riverboatcombat