My Heart’s at Sea Forever


My Heart’s at Sea Forever

My Heart’s at Sea Forever
Long ago I was a Sailor.
I sailed the Ocean blue.
I knew the bars in Singapore…
The coastline of Peru.

I knew well the sting of salt spray,
The taste of Spanish wine,
The beauty of the Orient…
Yes, all these things were mine.

But I wear a different hat now,
No tie and jacket too.
My sailing days were long ago…
with that life I am through.

But somewhere deep inside of me…
The sailor lives there still.
He longs to go to sea again,
But knows he never will.

My love, my life, is here at home,
and I will leave here never.
Though mind and body stay ashore…
My heart’s at sea forever.

~Author Unknown~

Down to the Sea

When life’s problems overwhelm…
My way seems lost to me,
I pack my heart with all my thoughts
And get me down to the sea!

What is it about the water and sand,
What is it about the tide….
That tends to set my mind at ease
And open my eyes so wide?

Is it the broad horizon,
That junction of space and time;
Or rhythmic waves upon the shore
That permeate my mind?

Is it the countless grains of sand
That make me feel so small;
As if to say, “If I’m so little,
My problems aren’t great at all!”

Maybe it’s my footprints,
That wash away so fast;
As if to remind me,
“Fear not, this too shall pass!”

Could it be, that all these things….
Sight, sound, and smell,
Combine to grant serenity,
My troubled heart to quell?

So, when life deals too much to bear….
My way seems lost to me;
I’ll pack my heart up once again
And get me down to the sea!

~ By Jayne Boyd Thompson ~