Firefight on Vietnam Brown Water

By Lynn Salsi


With historically accurate scenes and action, this is a different view of the Vietnam War. The story centers on one small crew of young men fighting for their country from a heavily-armed 50-foot aluminum boat in a primitive wilderness environment where rivers are the only roads.

What readers say:

“A great book! It will leave a lasting impression on those who do not know what life was like in the combat zone. Al Lupo is a fictional character, but the history is authentic. I know because I was there as an enlisted serving on a SWIFT.” William Douglas Kelley, Commander USN-retired

“An amazing journey from high school to grown up while at war.” David Wallace, OinC, PCFs 32, 65

“This is a fictional account of SWIFT Boat operations in 1969-70 based on actual crew experiences.” Tom L. Hovland, Captain, USN-retired

“I learned things about operations in the north I didn’t know. The parts of the book I was familiar with rang true to me. The book held my interest throughout.” Wey Symmes, PCF crewman and author of War On the Rivers

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