David D. Bruhn

“MacArthur and Halsey’s ‘Pacific Island Hoppers’ The Forgotten Fleet of World War II”


During World War II the U.S. Army owned and operated a fleet of 111,006 vessels — more than the Navy. While most of these were small craft, 1,665 were ocean-going ships over 1,000 tons. These included transports, supply ships, repair, and spare parts vessels. At the height of World War II, 244 of these ships were manned for the Army by the Coast Guard. Unlike the Navy and Coast Guard which preserves the logs of its ships and honors their memory, the Army tended to view its vessels with the emotional attachment rendered a truck or any other piece of equipment; an inanimate object to be discarded and written off once it has served its purpose. As a result, these Army vessels have come to be known as “The Forgotten Fleet of World War II.”

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