Those gone but not forgotten

This page is dedicated to the memory of the deceased Spouses of our MRFA members

Honoring Member’s Wives

Our prayers and best wishes go out to those left behind. The Brothers and Sisters of the Mobile Riverine Force Association wish the departed fair winds and following seas and our thoughts will always be with you….

Marilyn Y. Barney

Marilyn Y. Barney Wife of MRFA Member Jerry Barney passed away November 15th, 2001. Jerry and Marilyn had been married for 33 1/2 years. Marilyn had a great love for animals, “Love of life and of all creatures Great or Small.”
Jerry served with A/CO/9th Signal 1966-67 You may contact Jerry at 935 NW 51st St., Redmond, OR 97756 Phone: 541-548-2825

Sylvia McCallister

Sylvia McCallister wife of member Larry McCallister passed away May 6, 2001. Larry served with C Co., 4th/47th from 5/68 to 5/69. You may contact Larry at 5302 Royal Oak Dr., Tampa, Fl 33610, Phone: 813-663-9182

Hilda Gallegos

Hilda Gallegos, wife of member Peter A. Gallegos passed away from cancer on April 6, 2002. Hilda was very proud of the MRFA and enjoyed reading River Currents. Peter served with the 3rd/60th from 12/66 – 12/67. You may contact Peter at 1414 N. University St., Redlands, CA 92364.

Gerry Ann Meehan

Gerry Ann Meehan, wife of MRFA Board Member Jim Meehan, passed away on April 26, 2002, after a lengthy battle with cancer. Gerry and Jim had been married 37 years. Jim served with IUWG Unit 4, Nha Trang. You may contact the family c/o Jim Meehan, 3080 SW Shadow Lane, Palm City, FL 34990, Phone: 561-287-4361, email:

Vickie H. Camp

Vickie H. Camp, wife of member Jerry Camp, passed away July 28, 2002. Albert Moore reports that he had the pleasure of meeting Vickie at our 2001 reunion. She was a real nice lady and our hearts go out to Jerry who lost a true soul mate after 36 years of being married and being best friends. Jerry served on the USS Mercer (APB-39) in 1968-69. You may contact Jerry C/O 11000 Shadow Wood Cir., Whitehouse, TX. 75791, Phone: 903-839-6160 or Email:

Jodi Gray

Jodi Gray, wife of member Ed Gray, passed away September 10, 2002 after a lengthily battle with cancer. Jodi was a nice lady and was a delight to be around she will be missed by all. Ed served on Alpha-91-8 and Alpha-92-4 in 1968-69. You may contact Ed at W1503 County Rd E., Mindora, WI 54644, Phone: 608-857-3602

Linda Ann Rich

Linda Ann Rich, wife of member Ron Rich, passed away December 7th, 2002. Ron and Linda had been married 33 years. She was a Good Navy Wife and First Mate. You may contact Ron at 2855 Alder Ave., Morro Bay, CA 93442, Phone: 805-771-9461, Email:

Phyllis Lang

Phyllis Lang, wife of Chief Ray Lang, recently passed away from cancer. Phyllis was a wonderful person, she never missed a reunion and was a very strong supporter of the Association. She will be missed by all who knew her, she was really a fine lady. You may contact Chief Lang at 18512 Seaford An., Orlando, FL. 32820, 407-568-4378 Email

Peggy Jo Davis

Peggy is the wife of U.S. Army Medal of Honor recipient Sammy L. Davis. She passed away on March 12, 2004 after a bout with cancer of the liver. You may send your condolences to Sammy C/O Goodwin Funeral Home, 303 E Main St, Robinson, IL 62454.

Nancy Hahn

Nancy Hahn, wife of member Michael Hahn, passed away February 20, 2004. Mike and Nancy had been married 38 wonderful years. Mike served on the USS Benewah APB-35 as the Operations Officer 1966-67. You may contact the family C/O Michael A. Hahn 6343, Tasajillo Trl., Austin, TX. 78739. Email

Andi Goins

Andi Goins, wife of member Tim Goins, has passed away on July 17, 2004 after a long and hard fight with cancer. Tim served with E/CO 3rd/60th 1968-69. If you would like to contact Tim please do so at the following address: 3005 Pueblo Puye Santa Fe, NM 87507 (505)-428-8490 –

Fran Melton

Fran, wife of Stan Melton (T-91-5/1967), passed away on July 22, 2004. They had been married for 36 years. You may contact Stan at: C/O 7120 River Park Ct, Nashville, TN 37221-4605 – (615) 646-5957

Louanna McKean

We have been notified by member Lee “Tex” McKean that his wife, Louanna McKean, was killed in an automobile accident on Christmas Eve 2004. Our condolences go out to Tex and his family. You may contact Tex C/O 13168 Stone Henge, Sugerland TX 77478 – (281) 491-1961 – Tex served on the USS White River LSMR-536 12/66 & 12/68.

Carol Ann Long

Carol Ann Long, spouse of James Long, Sr. He lost his lovely wife to cancer on August 25, 2005. It was 9 days prior to their 40th wedding anniversary. James served on the ComRivFlot-One Staff from November 1967 to November 1968. You may contact James at: 971 Watertank Rd., Canton, GA 30115 – (770) 720-1580 –

Elizabeth Ziegler

Dr. Elizabeth Ziegler passed away 21 January 2006 from complications of diabetes. Dr. Ziegler was a well-known infectious disease expert and professor of medicine emeritus at the University of California School of Medicine at San Diego. She was the wife of Lieutenant Thomas W. Ziegler (ComRivFlot-One Staff Doctor) in 1966-68. You may contact Thomas W. Ziegler C/O: 930 Gage St, San Diego, CA 92105

Linda Metcalf

Linda Metcalf, wife of Delmar Metcalf, passed away from respiratory problems, February 26, 2007. Linda was a wonderful and caring wife. She had been a delivery room nurse for years at Mercy Hospital in Fort Scott, Kansas. Delmar served with IUWG-1 – Unit 2 in 1967-68. You may contact Delmar C/O: 624 Horton, Fort Scott, KS 666701 – (620 223-0286 –

Linda Wargel

Linda Wargel, widow of Alan Wargel, passed away on December 7, 2007. Linda had been suffering from severe COPD (lung disease) and she had a few other medical conditions that were not in her favor. Daughter, Paula Gualtiere, says she knows that Alan and Linda are together again and enjoying themselves. You may contact their daughter C/O: Paula Gualtiere, 33 W Georgia Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013 –

Joan Gibbs

My wife of 28 years, Joan Gibbs, died peacefully in her sleep by my side on October 15, 2007. Respectfully submitted John Gibbs. John served at Naval Support Activity – Detachment Nha Be from March 1969 to March 1970. You may contact John C/O: 1843 S. Volutsai, Wichita, KS 67211 – (316) 686-7877 – jlgstable@

Diane Vivian Richardson


Diane Vivian Richardson, 62 years young, the adored wife of John Henry Richardson, passed through heaven’s gates Friday, May 2, 2008. For 4 years she fought a long and tough battle with multiple myeloma bone cancer. Diane is a veteran of the Vietnam era, getting married to John on his first leave before he went to Vietnam. John and Diane were married for 42 years. John (Big John) Richardson served with A Company, 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division from May 1966 to May 1967. You may contact John C/O: PO Box 283, Monroe, New York 10950 – (845) 496-1821

“Diane was a nice lady whom I will always remember for her smile and happy disposition she truly was a good person and we will miss her greatly. Diane made all the MRFA & 9th Inf Div reunions.” – Albert Moore

Joanne L. Franklin

Joanne L. Franklin, wife of member Paul R. Franklin, passed away from cancer on July 20, 2008. Paul served with C Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division from September 1968 to June 1969. You may contact Paul C/O: 561 Stanton St. Niles, OH 44446 – (330) 652-0162 –

Jodie Davis


Jodie Davis was murdered last week by a boyfriend. She is the daughter of Wilbert “Will” Davis, Company Commander of B Company 3rd Battalion, 60th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division from June 1967 to June 1968. Jodie was a special young single mother who was a paralegal. She was 41 years old and had two teenaged sons from a previous marriage. You may contact Major Wilbert Davis C/O: 712 Clayton St., Aberdeen, MD 21001 – (410) 272-5853 -l

Audie McGrogan

Audie McGrogan, wife of member Don McGrogan BMCS USN (Ret.), passed away October 25, 2008, after a long illness. Audie attended a few of our reunions in the ‘90s ‘till her health became a issue. She and Don would have a booth set up where Don made his patches available to the Membership. She was a nice lady and always had a smile on her face. Audie will be missed by all whom knew her. Don served with IUWG-1 in 1968-69. You may contact Don C/O: 9110 Chateaux Dr., Hayden, ID 83835 – (208) 762-4481 –

Yuriko Thompson

Spouse Yuriko Thompson passed away July 14, 2009, after a long battle with cancer. She fought a long and courageous battle. Yuriko will be missed by all whom knew her. Yuriko was the wife of member Terry Thompson. Terry served on the USS White River LSMR-536 (1966-68). You may contact Terry, 810 Cleveland Ave, Missoula, MT 59801, 406-728-2788. May Yuriko rest in peace.

Lori Ottney

Lori Ottney, wife of MRFA member Ed Ottney, passed away on October 22, 2009 from a sudden illness. Ed served with the 120th Aviation Company from 1965 to 1968. You may contact Ed C/O: 602 South Ave, Decorah, IA 52101-1440 – (563) 382-5893

Heido Dalquen-Cook


Heido Dalquen-Cook, wife of Member Randall G. Cook, passed away (elle est morte) on February 18, 2010. She was not in pain and died in her sleep. Heido was a strong lady and she fought a very hard and courageous battle to overcome her cancer by giving it all she had. May our Sister rest in peace and in the arms of our Lord. Randall served on the USS Monmouth County (LST-1032) in 1970 as a LT. You may contact Randall C/O: 414 E. Shubert St, Fredricksburg, TX 78624 –

Jessie Turner


Jessie Turner, wife of member Dean “Fritz” Turner. passed away on June 10, 2010.. She had been in declining health for a couple years. Jessie fought her cancer courageously until the end. May our Sister rest in peace. Dean “Fritz” Turner served in Vietnam onboard the USS Brule (AKL-28) from October 1966 to October 1968. You may contact Dean C/O: 8700 N West Lane, Space 207, Stockton, CA 95210,

“Sadly, I must tell you that I lost My Jessie this morning. We took her off life support and she was gone in a few minutes. She now is with God and her family. Thank all of you for your kind wishes and prayers.” – Fritz

Vivian Jean Hall Lopez


Vivian Jean Hall Lopez, wife of Admiral T. Joseph Lopez (USN Ret.), and mother of Commander Thomas J. Lopez, II, and Mrs. Dominique Lopez-Lepse, died on February 5, 2010, following a long illness. She was born in Montgomery, WV, on April 8, 1942. Vivian married Admiral Lopez, who at the time was a young Navy enlisted man, at the age of 17 on February 27, 1960. Growing in experience and stature alongside her husband during his 39 years of service to our nation, she became the “First Lady” of the U.S. Navy in Europe from 1996 through 1998 during her husband’s last tours as the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Navy in Europe and the Commander in Chief of Allied Forces Southern Europe for NATO. The intervening years from her marriage until Admiral Lopez’s retirement were spent raising and educating her son and daughter, attending college, and supporting and assisting others, particularly those in Navy organizations. Then LT Lopez served in Vietnam as Commander River Assault Division 153 in 1969-70. You may contact the Family C/O: Thomas J. Lopez 4304 S Valiant Ct. Annandale, VA. 22033

“Vivian was a very special person who always pushed me to the front and worked on her own causes without fanfare; but my success in any large measure was because I had her at my side. It was a privilege to be known as her husband.” – Admiral Thomas Lopez

Henrietta Queen

Henrietta Queen, wife of BMCM (SW) George S. Queen (USN Ret.), passed away on January 28, 2010 following a very long and courageous battle with cancer. She was great lady and a wonderful and caring Wife, Mother and Grandmother. Henrietta will be missed by all who knew her. You may contact Master Chief George S. Queen C/O: 3718 Eastman Rd., Randallstown, MD 21133 – (410) 922-2407

Joanna M. Miller

Joanna M. Miller, wife of member John P. Miller, passed away on January 6, 2011. She was a very nice and gracious lady who fought a courageous battle against her cancer. May our Sister rest in peace. John served in C Company, 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division from May 1966 to December 1967. You may contact the family C/O: 33624 Pineview Ln., Fraser, MI 48026 – (586) 285-1668 -l

Brenda J. Needs


Brenda J. Needs passed away Friday, March 4, 2011, from a brain aneurysm. Brenda was the backbone of the MRFA “River Currents” newsletter. She started out as our graphic artist in 1996 while working for Brown Printing. Brenda was an outstanding artist, but most of all she was a great person who did so much more for the association than just the newsletter. When anything was asked of her, she accomplished it with her outstanding work ethic. Brenda took great pride in her work for the association as well as her regular job with Instant Signs.

“In all honesty, I have never seen anyone who was more dedicated to their job. As a single mom, Brenda was a great mother to her children, Elaine and Aaron, who were the light of her life. Her passing has left a deep hole within the association as well as with all her family and friends. I am not sure that those of us who knew Brenda will ever forget her charm and wit. She was always happy and outgoing. Brenda did not shy away from anything. She would speak out and defend her rights and pity anyone who said something against the Army and Navy team of the MRFA. Her dedication to the association was unparalleled to anyone who has ever been a part of our very large organization. We are all better people for having known Brenda. She will be missed by all hands, Army and Navy alike. God looked down on Brenda and has taken her by His side. He has one hell of graphic artist and most of all a wonderful person. Rest in Peace Miss B.” – Albert Moore (MRFA President)

“What a shock, and what a shame. Brenda just sort of floated into the MRFA nearly at the beginning, working for Doug Brown as an employee of Brown Printing, who did the newsletters back then. When she left Brown Printing, she took our newsletter with her. The newsletter just seemed to get better with every issue. She was a fixture at every reunion and gathering we had for the MRFA, always trying to find ways to help and always with her never ending sense of humor.
And now it seems the same gentle breezes that brought her to us has lifted her up and floated her beyond our reach, and beyond our meager ability to even say goodbye. Perhaps God will do that for us.” – George Marthenze (MRFA Executive Officer)

“I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear about Brenda. I was just corresponding with her last week about some pictures I had found of Ha Tien. I can’t believe it, such a terrible thing…it’s just not fair…it’s not fair that she is taken from us when I can think of many others that could have taken her place…damn it all to hell! May she Rest in Peace.” – Tom Bityk

Marjorie Westling


Marjorie Westling, wife of Chaplain Lester Westling, passed away on July 31, 2011. May our Sister rest in peace. You may contact the family C/O: 573 Royal Oaks Dr., Redding, CA 96001- 0133 – (530) 244-4868 –

Colleen K. Carnes


Colleen K. Carnes, wife of LTC Paul Carnes (USAF, Ret.) passed away on November 10, 2011. While in Vietnam Paul served as a Gunners mate onboard the USS Colleton (APB-36) from December 1967 to June 1969. You may contact the family C/O: Paul Carnes, 2608 Oaktree Ct, Alamogordo, NM 88310-7736 – (505) 437-4505 –

Judy Sisco


Judy Sisco passed away September 18, 2012. She fought a long hard battle against cancer. Judy always had the best attitude and seemed to never let it get her down. She was always full of life with a big smile on her face. Judy loved the soldiers and sailors of the MRFA. She will be missed by everyone who knew her throughout her life. Mark served in Vietnam with C Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division from September 1968 to July 1969. You may contact the family C/O: Mark Sisco, 3012 W. Towne Village Ct., Antioch, TN 37013 – (615) 361-0966 –

Grace Hagl

Grace Hagl passed away on July 2012. She is the wife of BM1 Edward Hagl who was Killed in Action in I Corps on March 14, 1968 when River Assault Division 112 was there supporting the USMC during Tet ’68. He was Boat Captain of T-112- 7. You may contact the family C/O: Ed Hagl Jr., 204 N Western Drive, Bozeman, MT 59718-2668

Jeanette McDonald


Jeanette McDonald passed away June 9, 2013 following a long battle with cancer. She is the wife of Thomas F. McDonald, who served on with River Assault Squadron 15 – River Assault Division 152 onboard T-152-3. You may contact the family C/O: Thomas McDonald, PO Box 55, Coos Bay, Oregon, 97420 – 541-888-0362

Diane Brown


Diane Brown, wife of member Doug Brown, passed away on December 20, 2012. She and Doug were instrumental for a number of years when the MRFA first started with printing and sending out our “River Currents” newsletter. You may contact the family C/O: Doug Brown, 42 Carr Rd., Marshfield, MA 02050 – (781) 837-3663 –

Paula Ann Ellingson


Paula Ann Ellingson, wife of member Lou Ellingson, passed away on August 14, 2013. While in Vietnam Lou served onboard PCF-18 from April 1969 to April 1970. You may contact the family C/O: Lou Ellingson, 13070 10th St NW, Watson, MN 56295-1135 – (952) 941-0532 –

Lois Elaine E. Perrault


Lois Elaine E. Perrault passed away on February 19, 2014 after 11 years of fighting a very courageous battle with cancer at her home in Saline, Michigan, with her loving family by her side. As a dedicated and courageous Navy wife of over 20 years, Lois held the toughest job in the world “A Navy Wife.” Lois was married to member SKC George Perrault (USN Ret.) who served onboard the USS Tioga County (LST- 1158) in 1966-67. You may contact George C/O:

Joan Ambrozy


Joan Ambrozy passed away after complications from a heart attack, May 5, 2014. Joan was married to member Raymond Ambrozy. Ray served in C Co. 3rd/60th (02/67-02/6802/67-02/68). You may contact Ray Ambrozy, 7366 Menge, Center Line, MI 48015-1270, 586-759-5717,

Sandra Sue Johnson

Sandra Sue Johnson passed away on October 13, 2014 following a long illness. Her husband, Don Grunow, served onboard the USS Mark (AKL-12) from June 1969 to May 1971. You may contact Don C/O: 4900 Olive Grove Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 – (757) 499-3651 –

Janet Snowden


Janet Snowden, wife of Member John Snowden, passed away on November 25, 2014. John served with B Co – 4th Battalion – 47th Infantry – 9th Infantry Division from April 1967 to April 1968. You may contact the family C/O: John Snowden, 12160 N 350 W, Wheatfield, IN 46392-7603 – (219) 956-3884

Glenda S. Cobb


Glenda S. Cobb, wife of Member Elbon Cobb, passed away on April 16, 2015. Elbon served with River Assault Squadron 9 – River Assault Division 92 onboard T-92-2 from December 1966 to February 1968. You may contact Elbon C/O: HC 83 Box 69A, Gap Mills, WV 24941-9411

Mary Fleming Bolduc

Mary Fleming Bolduc, wife of Member Major General Lucien Bolduc, Jr., passed away on August 24, 2015. General Bolduc was CO of the 3rd Battalion – 47th Infantry – 9th Infantry Division from February 1967 to January 1968 while in Vietnam. You may contact the family C/O: Lucien Bolduc, 11111 Monmouth, San Antonio, TX 78239-3142 –

Patricia A. Frede


Patricia A. Frede, wife of Member William Frede, passed away on March 4, 2016. While in Vietnam William served with River Assault Squadron 11 – River Assault Division 112 onboard T-112-2 from April 1967 to October 1967. You may contact the Family C/O: William Frede, 813 Agnes Dr., Altamonte Springs, FL 32701-5605 – (407) 376-2137 –

Edna Quigley

Edna Quigley passed away on November 15, 2015. She is the wife of deceased Member Michael Quigley who served aboard YRBM-16.

Judy Wallace

Judy Wallace, wife of Ronald Wallace, passed away on November 22, 2016.  Ron served with Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division from May 1966 to August 1967.  You may contact the Family C/O:  Ron Wallace, 2115 Enchanted Forest Road, Eastsound, WA 98245 – (360) 376-4294 –

Our dear friend, whom Okey and I often called ‘Wonder Woman’ orSuper Woman’ because of her strength, intelligence and heart, passed away.  All of us owe this wonderful friend a great debt. Her ceaseless work to find veterans, get us to MRFA reunions, as well as organizing her own small and large reunions, brought so many of us together and helped us find lasting friendships.  RIP my friend.” – Okey and Carol Toothman

Nancy Fulton


Nancy “Nan” Fulton, widow of Lt General William B. Fulton (US Army Ret.), passed away in Arlington, Virginia on December 6, 2016 at 95 years of age.  General Fulton served as Commander of 2nd Brigade – 9th Infantry Division in 1966-1967.  He was responsible for helping make the Mobile Riverine Force Army and Navy the fighting force that it was.  Nan was a big supporter of the association and enjoyed receiving the River Currents newsletter as well as attending MRFA functions.  She will be truly missed by the Mobile Riverine Force Association Membership.  Nan was truly a fine and loving person.  She will be buried beside General Fulton this spring in Pocatello, ID.

May she rest in peace.” – Albert Moore

Marilynn Bertram

Marilynn Bertram, wife of Member Jerry Bertram, passed away on January 8, 2017.  Jerry served in Delta Company, 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division from August 1968 to August 1969.  You may contact the Family C/O:  Jerry Bertram, 2603 Marilyn Dr, Eau Claire, WI 54701-6715 – (715) 835-5070

Barbara Ann Nichols

Barbara Ann Nichols passed away on March 12, 2017.  Barbara is the wife of Member Bob Nichols who served in Bravo Company,  3rd Battalion, 60th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division from October 1968 to August 1969.  You may contact Bob at: 223 Cheyenne Ridge Trail, Campobello, SC 29322-9198

Sharon Withrow

Sharon “Sherry” Withrow passed away on July 10, 2016.  Sherry is the wife of member Robert Marburger who served in Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 60th Infantry from November 1968 to November 1969.  You may contact Robert at:  7323 Sabre Ave, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-1834 –

Rebecca Jo Covey

Rebecca Jo “Becky” Covey passed away on December 27, 2017.  Becky was the wife of deceased Member Gary Covey who served with River Assault Squadron 13 – River Assault Division 131/132 onboard A-132-3 and Z-131-1 from August 1968 to July 1969.  You may contact the Family C/O: Crystal Hillenburg, 2590 W Archer Ln, Bloomington, IN 47403-4219 –

Kathryn Goudelock

Goldstar Wife Kathryn Goudelock passed away on February 2, 2020.  Her husband, Sergeant Forrest Goudelock, served with Echo Company, 3rd Battalion, 60th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division.  He will killed in action on April 10, 1968.  At the time of her passing Kathryn lived in Gainesville, GA.  You may contact her Brother: Edward Render – – “Kathryn attended many of our reunions.  She was a joy to be around.  Always with a smile on her face.” – Albert Moore

Hazel Marie Hanks

Hazel Marie Hanks passed away on July 29, 2020.  Her husband, Jeffie Hanks (USN Ret.), served onboard the USS Benewah from January 1970 to January 1971.  She is survived by her husband of 61 years and their three sons.

Lena Lambert

Lena Lambert passed away on August 22, 2020.  She was married to Member Stan Lambert for 47 years.  Stan served onboard the USS Mark (AKL-12) from October 1970 to July 1971.

Patricia Corrick

Patricia “Patty” Corrick passed away on November 7, 2020.  She is the widow of Richard Corrick who passed on February 29, 2012.  Rich was a Plankowner with the MRFA.  He served onboard R-112-1 from February 1967 to March 1968

Christine Hahn

Christine “Chris” Hahn passed away on February 26, 2022 following a long and courageous battle with cancer.  She is the wife of MRFA President, Harry Hahn.  Harry served with River Assault Squadron 13, Division 131 onboard M-131-1 from March 1969 to March 1970. – “Chris was a good woman and my wife of almost 50 years.  She loved her family, friends and her fur babies.  Chris was a giving person.  How strong she was fighting cancer for the past 5 years.  Her fight the past 6 months was so admirable!” – Harr

Gail Chapman Leverette Connolly

Gail Chapman Leverette Connolly passed away on May 18, 2023 following a battle with cancer.  She is the wife of Captain Michael Connolly (USN Ret).  Michael served as Commanding Officer – River Assault Division 132 and later Commanding Officer – River Assault Squadron 13 when he made Lieutenant Commander.  His tour was from 1969-1970.  Michael and Gail were married for 61 years.

Joan Ann Daley

Joan Ann Daley passed away on June 10, 2023.  She is the wife of Member Lee Daley.  Lee served onboard the USS Askari (ARL-30) from July 1967 to July 1968.

Judy Katherine Kotila

Judy Katherine Kotila passed away on August 29, 2023.  She is the spouse of Member Dennis Kotila.  Dennis served with River Assault Squadron 13, River Assault Division 131 onboard T-131-2 from January 1969 to January 1970.