Mobile Riverine Force Patches

Last Updated February 21, 2004



Mc Grogan’s Military Patches
Don Mc Grogan, BMCS (SW) USN Ret.
P.O. Box 2254
Hayden, ID 83835

Thousands of Patches in Stock

Most of these patches were loaned by Don Mc Grogan for display on the MRFA Web site. For further information you may E-mail Don at the address above. The MRFA greatly appreciates Don for sending us this outstanding collection of patches. Some of the individual patches at the bottom of page have been submitted by other members.

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patches14/47th, 5/60th, 3/60th, V-IUWG-1 WestPac Det., RAS-15 (C-152-1), RivSec 535, RivRon XV, YRBM-20
patches2Coastal Squadron 1, RivDiv 535, RAS-9, 6/31st, Coastal Div Eleven, Coastal Div 13, Market Time, Rung-Sat
patches3Coastal Div 14, 3/60th, River Raiders (9th Div), USS Colleton (APB-36), Dong Tam River Rats, Seafloat - Tran Hung Dao III, RAD-131, RAD-92
patches4River Assault Flotilla One, 1099th Boat Co., RAS-9, RAD One Eleven, Coastal Div 12, Coastal Div Eleven, MRF Vietnam Vets, RAD-132
patches5Coastal Div 15, ASPB RivDiv 595, Swamp Rats, RivSec 533, Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club, 2/47th, USS Tioga County (LST-1158), RAS-13, River Raiders (9th Div)
patches6Solid Anchor - Tran Hung Dao IV, 3/47th, USS Askari (ARL-30), 9th Medical, USS Benewah (APB-35), RAD-91, MRF-1097, RivSec 534
patches7Coastal Div 12, ATSB's (Giant Slingshot), USS Hunterdon County (LST-838), USS Westchester County (LST-1167), Coastal Div 13, 3/94th, Coastal Div 16, Coastal Div 13, RAD-152
patches8RAD-112, 34th FA, RivDiv 153, RivDiv 593, RivRon 9
IUWG.patchIUWG-1 WestPAc Det. Unit 2 in Cam Ranh Bay
Coastal.SurvCoastal Surveillance Force
patch01USS Askari, APL-30
USS Satyr, ARL-23
patch02USS Clarion River, LSMR-409
USS Westchester County, LST-1167
patch03USS Tioga County, LST-1158
patch04USS Hunterdon County, LST-838
USS Whitfield County, LST-1169
patch05PBR Division 543, PBR Division 54, PBR Division 55, PBR River Section 542
patch06PBR River Section 541, RivPatFlot V, RivDiv 552, River Section 512
patch07TF-115 River Patrol Force
USS White River, LSMR-536
patch3-34thPeace Patch
patchriverinemedic3rd/34th MRF
River Squadron 57
PatchRivRon57Riverine Medic (submitted by David Lewis).
patchlst821apatchharnettUSS Harnett County (submitted by Don Blankenship, sorry I can't remember where I obtained the files)
patchsumpterlst1181aUSS Sumter (LST-1181)
Brule.PatchUSS Brule (AKL-28)