Things to Do Before and After a Veteran’s Death

Submitted by Member Paul Kasper


How to prepare some of the information before it’s to late. Think about what this will do to help your family later!
Morbid to some–but necessary to all in advance

Below is a copy of the form you need to fill out and place in a safe place for your spouse to be able to know where all your information she will need to know is located.
Please it only takes a few moments to fill out and make it easier on your spouse, as she/he will have enough to worry about when the time comes. Also think about any special possessions you want to go to someone or place in the information.. One guy I knew put masking tape with the name on the bottom or back of several items he wanted to go to a special person.
And please tell her/him if you want a Military Funeral, We need that service at the Funeral Parlor to honor your wishes.
I am not rushing you ,Still hope you are going to stick around for a while.

When A Veteran Dies

1.Contact your Funeral Director for your choice of Interment.
2.Contact your Clergy, to maker arrangements for service’s you desire.
3.Provide the Funeral Director with a copy of the Veterans Discharge, VA Claim number if known, &Veterans Social Security Number.
4.The Funeral Director will apply to the Department of Military Affairs for the amount allowable toward the burial expenses. And also the allowable from Social Security for burial.
5.The Funeral Director will apply to the Department of Military Affairs for the American Flag to Drape over the casket or Urn.
6.If the Veteran is a member of a Veteran Organization, contact the Post Commander to inquire about the post providing Military Services, Firing Squad, or Pall Bearers if needed.
7.If the Veteran had GI Insurance, contact the county Veteran Service Officer for assistance in completing the insurance forms. If the Veteran had Commercial Insurance, contact the agent for that particular company which insured the Veteran.
8.The spouse should contact the Social Security office to file for benefits that maybe available to her or him and for any dependent children.
9.The County Veterans Service Officer will assist the spouse and children in obtaining any benefits to which they maybe entitled, such as: Survivor’s Death benefits from the VA, or a Headstone if burial is in a Private Cemetery. Provide the County Veterans Service Officer with the following when applying for Benefits.

A. Copy of the Veterans service record (Discharge).
B. The Veteran’s VA claim number if there is one.
C. Social Security number of the Veteran, Spouse and Dependent Children.
D. GI Insurance policies, if any
E. Have information regarding marriage, birth dates of children, and if any
prior marriages existed, the information regarding when,
and how dissolved (death/divorce)
F. Copy of the Death Certificate of the Veteran.


HOME ADDRESS:____________________________________________________
DATE OF ENLISTMENT:__________________PLACE:________________________
DATE OF DISCHARGE:________________PLACE:___________________________
BRANCH OF SERVICE:___________SERVICE:__________________________
DATE OF BIRTH:_________________PLACE OF BIRTH:___________________
DATE OF MARRAGE:______________________PLACE:_______________________
GOVERNMENT LIFE INSURANCE:___________POLICY #:_________________
VA CLAIM #:_____________________________SSN#:_______________________
RECORDS LOCATED:__________________________________________________
RECEIVED COMPENSATION:______________PENSION:______________________
(Amount) (Amount)
Fill in the form and place it in a safe place to be readily accessible in case of the Veterans Death or Incapacitation.