More “KID” Photos

Courtesy of Darrel Ashlock – NSA, Saigon – Detachments Dong Tam/Tra Cu


Dave Desiderio – Medcap at Quang Ngai – USCGC Pontchatrain (WHEC 70) – Market Time TF-115/1970

Roy Moseman – C Company, 4/47th Infantry

“Here is a photo of one of the little girls that sold cokes around Dong Tam in 67 and 68 or probably longer. She had one of my friends, I think Tony Garvey, send the photo to me after I got home. It was made in My Tho around November 68.”

David Black – Kids east of Dong Tam at Vinh Kim Village circa 1969

Dana Robert Huff – IUWG-1 Unit 3 – Qui Nhon -1967-68

Ralph Bigelow – Inoculations and other shots – 1968