Welcome Message

from the MRFA President Harry Hahn

September 15, 2017


Mobile Riverine Force Association. This Home Page and its links are dedicated to all Army and Navy men who served with pride and distinction in a place called the Mekong Delta. Be it on water or land, they all served their country. Whether they were on a Monitor, making a helo assault, setting an ambush on a lonely, quiet, dark night, walking through waist deep water in a rice paddy, riding a tango boat up a narrow canal, or at anchor in the middle of a brown-water river for long hot hours. Places like Dong Tam, Tay Ninh, Snoopy’s Nose, the Cross Roads, Ambush Alley, My Tho, Rach Kien, Plain of Reeds, Parrot’s Beak, Tan An, Nha Be or Ben Tre and names like Colleton, Washtenaw, Windham, Benewah, Westchester, Satyr, Askari, PBR, and Swiftboat are names and places we’ll never forget.

These web pages are a living memory of all those who served in the Mekong Delta and I Corps regions. Army or Navy, they went, they fought, they served.

We hope you enjoy the site and its many links. If you would like more information on the Mobile Riverine Force Association, please feel free to contact one of our officers or board members. The association is made up of a number of different Army and Navy units. Those units include Infantry, Artillery, Water Mobile, Airmobile, Engineers, Mechanized, Supply, Transportation, Boat Crews, Ship’s Personnel, Base Personnel, Army and Navy Medical, the 9th Infantry Division, Task Forces 117-116-115-194 and many supporting units. We welcome you to be a part of our Mobile Riverine Force Association.

Honoring those who suffered the unthinkable horrors of war and sacrificed much on the altar of freedom…praise is hardly enough.

MRFA President Harry Hahn – (SparksRivRon13@aol.com)
Vice President Bob “Doc” Pries – (pries247@gmail.com)