2nd Brigade 9th Infantry Division (Vietnam)

February 1966 to September 1967


February 1966: 2nd Bde Activated – Fort Riley, KS.
May 1966: 2nd Bde receives fill of troops
September 1966: 2nd Bde designated Army Component of (MDAF- Mekong Delta Mobile Afloat Base).
September 1966: 1st Coronado Conference, 9th Infantry Division
December 1966: 2nd Coronado Conference
January 1967: Key Officers & NCO’s of 2nd Bde receive special amphibious training from PHIBTRAPAC, Coronado, CA.
10 January 1967: 2nd Bde departed Oakland, CA. Aboard USS Pope.
28-31 January 1967: 2nd Bde arrives at Vung Tau, Close Bearcat.
16 February 1967: 2nd Bde puts one battalion into RSSZ, working with advance party of TF-117. Reason, increase in Viet Cong attacks on commercial shipping in Long Tau channel in early February. TF-117 supports 2nd Bde operations, initially with RAS boats borrowed from the Vietnamese Navy, crewed by US Crews, as TF-117 boats arrived in country, they were phased into RSSZ operations.
10 March 1967: Commanding officer 2nd-Bde moves to Dong Tam and takes command of Dong Tam base with two battalions (3rd-Bn-60th Inf, then 5th-Bn (M) 60th Inf).
16 February thru mid May 1967: 2nd brigade maintains forces operating in RSSZ in conjunction with TF-117, normally keeping one battalion committed. (Initially 3rd-Bn 47th Inf then 4th-Bn, 47th Inf)
20 March 1967: 3rd Bn 47th Inf arrives at Dong Tam, 4th Bn 47th Inf operates RSSZ under OpCon Div 5th Bn (M) 60th Inf 3rd Brigade.
Early April 1967: TF-117 Sends one RAD (with 10 boats initially) to Dong Tam to commence local riverine operations in Dong Tam area. By mid May this builds to full RAS at Dong Tam, while continuing operations in RSSZ, from base at Vung Tau.
2 May 1967: Battle of Ap Bac, not riverine, but most significant battle fought to date by 2nd Brigade. Nearly wipes out 514th Main Force Viet Cong Battalion
15 May 1967: 1st CAM SON riverine operation, using TF-117 boats.
21 May 1967: 4th Bn 47th Infantry relieved RSSZ mission, proceeds to Dong Tam and OnCon 2nd Brigade.
1 June 1967: MRB arrives at Dong Tam.
2 June 1967: 2nd Brigade embarks aboard MRB, thus formally constituting MRF. Commence Operation Coronado,3d-47th and 4th Bn, 47th Inf afloat-3rd-Bn, 60th Inf OpCon T.F. Funston.
3-10 June 1967: MRF shakedown. Operation in Dinh Tuoung including CAM SON and CHO CAO.
11-12 June 1967: Relocate to NHA Be.
13-17 June 1967: Operations in southern NHOM TRACH, including attach I-10 Headquarters.
18 June 1967: Relocate to SOIRAP/VAMCO, Commence Operation CONCORDIA.
19-20 June 1967: Operation CONCORDIA. Battle of AP Bac II, in AP Bac Hamlet, CAN/GUIOC District, Long An Province. Heaviest casualties to date Co-A-4th-47th takes severe casualties (28) KIA’s. Battalion severely damaged.
24-June 26 July 1967: Operations in eastern Long An Province, principally in CAN GIOUC and CAN DUOC Districts. Also 1 company operation each week in RSSZ.
4-6 July: Operations in GO GONG Province.
27 July 1967: Relocate to Dong Tam.
28 July-2 August 1967: Coronado II. Operation launched in response to major Viet Cong build up in western Dinh Tuong.

Significant Features:

a. 261st Viet Cong Main Force Battalion, normally in Kien Hoa, moved up to west Ding Tuong early July. Heavy harassment of route 4.
b. 7th ARVN Division, on own initiative, started on 26 July the most ambitious campaign for years. Employing 0 battalions in the field for 8 days.
c. Biggest US operation ever held in the Delta. 6th US Battalions committed.
d. 7th ARVN took all area North of route 4. US Took CAM/SON/BAN LONG.
e. GVN Committed a 2nd Battalion Brigade of VN Marines in US Zone. They had biggest bag of the operation.
f. By agreement with 7th ARVN, MRF had a VN Ranger Battalion as MRF reserve and employed it in combat.
g. Results: heavy contact with 514th Viet Cong Battalion, and 263rd Viet Cong Main force Battalions by US and VNMC, light contact with 261st Main Force Viet Cong Battalion by the 7th ARVN.

3 August 1967: 3rd Bn, 60th Inf come afloat, 4th Bn 47th Inf OpCon Funston.
4 August 1967: MRB relocated to Vung Tau.
5-17 August 1967: RSSZ operations. Refresher training period. Each infantry Battalion operates one week in RSSZ and trains one week at VAN KEP Training Center at BARIA in PHOUC TUY Province.
19 August 1967: Relocate to SOIRAP?VAMCO
20-22 August 1967: MRF Conducts Recon in force into Parrot’s Beak area of LONG AN Province (along VAM CO DONG River above BEN LUC-also known ORIENTAL RIVER)

Significance : Operating Radius

a. MACV MDMAF concept postulated a maximum radius of 50 KM from MRB.
b. Parrot’s Beak was 71 KM (water distance) and 43 KM (straight-line) from
c. MRB most distance to date.

C. Special circumstance:

1. Comm retrans station at RACH Kien, secure US Base midway between AO and MRB
2. thus this was not a real and valid test test of operating radius.
3. Availability of route 4 at Ben Luc for ammo resupply.

23 August – 4 September 1967: Operations in CAN GIOUC District and GO CONG Province.
5-September 1967: Relocate to Dong Tam.
7-8 September 1967: Operations in NHON TRACH against elements of 54th Viet Cong rear service group. Captured major caches of weapons, ammo, rice and medical supplies.
11 September 1967: Operation Coronado V. Operations in CAM Son/ BAN LONG against 514th Viet Cong Battalion and 263rd Viet Cong Main Force Battalion.
17 September 1967: 3rd-47th Op TF Funston 4th-47th Inf comes afloat