Elements of the 9th Infantry Division (Vietnam)


Headquarters:Service:Auth. Strength:Division Headquarters Locations:Other Units on Temporary Assignment:
Division HQ & HQ Co.16 Dec. 66 - 27 Aug. 69170Bear Cat Dec. 66 - July 681st Battalion, 16th Inf.
1st Brigade HQ & HQ Co.03 Jan.  67 - 12 Aug. 69199Dong Tam Aug. 69 - Aug 69
2nd Brigade HQ & HQ Co.28 Jan.  67 - 28 July  69199
3rd Brigade HQ & HQ Co.16 Dec. 66 - 11 Oct.  70128Mobile Riverine Force
(Also considered as a separate command)
Division Artillery HQ & HQ Battery19 Dec. 66 - 18 Aug. 69213
Division Support Command HQ & HQ Co.19 Dec. 66 - 27 Aug. 69103

Division Support:Division Infantry:Division Artillery:Division Aviation:
9th Medical Battalion6th Battalion, 31st Inf.2nd Battalion, 4th Art. (105mm)9th Aviation Battalion
9th Signal Battalion2nd Battalion, 39th Inf.1st Battalion, 11th Art. (105mm)HQ & HQ Co., 214 Combat Aviation
9th Supply and Transportation Battalion3rd Battalion, 39th Inf.3rd Battalion 34th Art. (105mm) (Riverine)162nd Assault Helicopter Co.
15th Engineer Battalion4th Battalion, 39th Inf.1st Battalion 84th Art. (155mm)191st Assault Helicopter Co.
709th Maintenance Battalion2nd Battalion, 47th Inf. (Mech.)Battery C, 5th Battalion (AW)(SP) 2nd Art.240th Assault Helicopter Co.
9th Administration Battalion3rd Battalion, 47th Inf. (Riverine)Battery H, 2nd Platoon, 29th Art. (Searchlight)A Troop, 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry
9th Military Police Co.4th Battalion, 47th Inf. (Riverine)6th Battalion, 77th Art.B Troop, 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry
1097th Transportation Co. (MB)2nd Battalion, 60th Inf.D Troop, 3rd Squadron, 5th Cavalry
335th Army Security Co.3rd Battalion, 60th Inf. (Riverine)
39th Chemical Detachment5th Battalion, 69th Inf. (Mech.)
19th Military History Detachment
47th Military History DetachmentDivision Reconnaissance:
9th Military Intelligence Co.3rd Squadron, 5th Cavalry (Armored)
18th Public Inf. DetachmentCo. E, 50th Inf. (Long Range Patrol)
19th Public Inf. DetachmentCo. E, 75th Inf. (Ranger)
Company E (Rangers) 75th Inf.
43rd Inf. Platoon Scout Dog (ISPD)
45th Inf. Platoon Scout Dog (ISPD)
65th Inf. Platoon Combat Tracker (IPCT)
Armor Platoon Air Cushion Vehicle
584th Military Intelligence Detachment
361st Airfield Service Detachment
9th Inf. Div. Attachment U.S. Army
Special Security Group
OL5 Weather Squadron (USAF)
Forward Air Controller (USAF)
Air Liaison Officers (USAF)
14th Military Intelligence Det. (ARVN)
Vietnamese Interpreters (ARVN)
Tiger Scouts
HQ & HQ Co. and Band, 9th Inf. Div.


The unit came to the 9th division after being attached to the 25th infantry division working out of Cu Chi. The unit had base camps at Soc Trang, vinh long and can tho, the unit fired its 400,000th round on January 14th, 1969. The unit came to vietnam in May of 67 and arrived in the delta in July of 68. In can tho on April 26, 1969 all of the command and equipment was turned over to the Republic of Vietnam’s 213th artillery battalion.