Program IV Command and Communications Boat Model

By Ulrich Abel

Bremen, Germany


The first time I saw a “Monitor” was on a small photography in a book a few years ago. About one year ago I decided to build a new RC model ship. I wanted to build something unusual and so I remembered the picture of that “Monitor”. At this time I new nothing about it and so I searched the www for some information. There were no plans or model-kits available so I had to draw a plan by my own.

Hull and superstructure were reconstructed by some drawings I found in the www. Details were built from the many pictures I found.

The model is built in scale 1:35 so I could use some parts from the 1:35 military plastic modeling. It is built completely from plastic sheets. The winch, weapons and bar armour were made from brass profiles. It is driven by two screws like the big one.

Because I found no adequate information about the 81mm mortar I decided to convert the Monitor to a Command and Communication Boat (CCB). In this way I avoided having to rebuild the mortar and the inner details of the mortar-well.


Technical Specifications:

Length : 525 mm
Width : 155 mm
Draft : 40 mm
Weight : 1.8 kg