CTG 117.2 Combat After Action Report
September 15-16, 1967


Commander Task Group 117

RAS 11/FER:hn
Ser: 08
22 September 1967

From: Commander Task Group 117.2
To: Commander Task Group 117
Subj: Combat Operation After Action Report (MACVJ 3-32)

(1) CTG 117.2 Water Movement Plan 9-12-67 and Frag order 2-67 to Water Movement Plan 9-12-67
(2) Transit Formation
(3) Regroup Formation

References: Map Vietnam 1:50,000; Sheets 6229 I and 6229 IV

1. Name of Operation: Coronado V (CORONADO OPORD 32-67), Strike and Search and Destroy Operation.
2. Date Of Operation: 15 and 16 September 1967.
3. Location: Cam Son Secret Zone, Dinh Tuong Province, Republic of South Vietnam.
4. Command Headquarters: In command and Communications Boat, CCB-111-1 in area of Operation, and in Communications and Command Helo above CCB and Area of Operation.

2nd Bde, 9 th Inf. Div COLB. A. David, USA
3rd /60 th Inf. Bn. LTCM. M. Doty, USA
TG 117.2LCDRF.E. Rhodes, Jr. USN
TU 117.0.22LTV. B. Conzales, USMC
TU 117.2.5LTD. Ritter, USN
TU 117.2.1LTR.E. Riesgo, USN
TU 117.2.3LTH.W. Taylor, USN

6. Task Organization:
a. Navy

(1) Task Group 117.2 – Task Unit 117.2.1

9 ATC Armored Troop Carriers
9 ATC Battalion Helo Deck Aid Boat
1 ATC Armored Troop Carriers (Mine Sweepers)
1 CCB Command and Communications Boat

(2) Task Unit 117.0.2. Riverine Survey Team Embarked in Task Group Boats.
(3) Task Unit 117.2.5 Embarked in Group Boats
(4) Task Unit 117.2.3

5 ATC Armored Troop Carriers
2 Monitors

7. Supporting Forces: Fixed wing aircraft, pre planned air strikes and on call helos (2) C and C, 1 Navy, 1 Army; artillery beach prep and call; dust-off Medevac helos (8); re- supply helo (1)

8. Intelligence: As per Coronado OPORD 32-67

9. Mission: Task Group 117.2 supported 3rd-60th Infantry Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division in the conduct of Riverine Strike, Search and Destroy Operations in the Cam Son Secret Zone, Dinh Tuong Province, Republic of South Vietnam to locate and destroy VC main and local forces and installations during the period 15-16 September 1967.

10. Concept of Operations: Mobile Riverine Force conducted combined airmobile, mechanized and riverine strike, and search and destroy operations during the period 15-16 September 1967 in the Can Son Secret Zone, Dinh Tuomg Province, Republic of South Vietnam. Task Group 117.2 executed assault landings at XS 203474, White Beach 1 and XS 193471, White Beach 2. Task Group 117. 2. Then blocked water route and supported 3rd-60th Infantry Battalion as required.

11. Execution

150300HCommenced loading 3rd-60th at USS Colleton.
0410HLoading Completed.
0415HTask Group 117. 2 underway for area of operations.
0645HTask Group 117. 2 arrived at check point w23 and took formation for transit.
0730HMinesweeper T-91-4 took 2 rounds B-50 off bow starboard side. Reported being mined, vicinity water check point w42, XS 194450. 0732H-0740H too additional B-40 rounds one round starboard side 20mm mount; one round on machine gun 30 caliber starboard bow; one round port 22mm mount. All rounds penetrated. Eight crew members WIA. Boat ordered to rear of column.
0731HMinesweeper T-91-1 took initial B-40 hit. Between 0730H-0738H boat suffered 5 hits from RPG2-B40 rockets. Eight men wounded One round starboard side amidships went through well deck 1 round starboard side 50 Caliber machine gun mount, 1 round on canopy starboard side, 2 rounds port side engine room. All rounds penetrated. Boat ordered to rear of column wounded treated. Crew wanted to stay with boat and on operation. Boat remained throughout and participated in Action at 1015H-1115H, suffered no additional hits.
0733HMonitor 111-2 took B-40 heat round port side coxswain flat, direct hit on 30 caliber  machine gun. Blast entered cockpit. Monitor beached loss of steering and control.
0733HCCB-111-1 Hit by two B-40 rounds portside 40mm mount. Minor damage.
0735HMonitor-111-3 hit by two B-40 rockets, shrapnel in mortar pit three men wounded in action. On front of 40mm gun mount, killing one crew member and wounding two.
0737HMonitor-111-2 took third hit forward lip of 81mm mortar pit injuring three ATC-111-13 took B-40 under port 50 caliber machine gun Mount. Two Marine Corps wounded in action.
0738HMinesweepers ordered back. Monitor 112-2 beached. ATC-111-12 hit by small arms, Army Wounded in action. 
0745HMonitor-111-3 took B-40 rocket hit port side engine room, holed all the way through, one wounded in action.
0745HATC-111-11 hit on stern by B-40 rocket. P-250 pump destroyed.
0748HATC-111- 6 hit by two rounds B-40 port side coxswains flat. Monitor-111-1 hit port side engine room and port side deck house four wounded in action.
0749HATC-111-6 hit port side 50 caliber machine gun mount. One killed in action five wounded in action.    ATC-111-13 hit by 1 round B-40. Boston Whaler and gas on Fire.
0750HCommander Task Group ordered all units back to Red Beach TWO vicinity XS 188194. Medical    Aid Boat Beached. Units with KIA’s ordered alongside to transfer injured for treatment wounded in Action transferred for treatment. Task Group Commander requested two replacement mine sweepers and one monitor from Commander Task Element 117.1.1.
0750HCCB-111-1 took two near misses B-40. Fins fragmented striking port side damaging two 292 antenna leads.
0752HATC-111-6 proceeding up to White Beach TWO alone with no Communications.
0802HATC-111-6 beached White Beach TWO, 1 platoon Bravo Company inserted. Company ordered back into boat.
0810HATC- 111-6 retracted. Proceeded South alone to Red Beach TWO.
0812HATC-111-6 received 1 round B-40 port 50 caliber machine gun mount. One Killed in action, four wounded in action.
0815HATC-111-6 Rejoined. Fighting fires on canopies and sterns of units.
0830HMEDEVAC making good progress.
0835HAll fires extinguished.
0840HCommenced Re-Crewing ATC-111-6 from ATC-111-12.
0900HReplacement minesweepers T-91-11. T-91-13 and Monitor 91-3 arrived.
0845H-0930HConsolidating units, transferring wounded and KIA’s. Re-arming.
0935H-1015HCommenced forming up for two transits from Red Beach TWO to Beaches White ONE and TWO in the following formation.
T-91-11, T-91-13, M-91-3, T-111-4, T-111-7, T-111-11, M-111-1, T-111-1, T-111-5, T-111-10, CCB-111-1, M-111-3, T-111-12, T-111-6, T-111-13, T-111-3 ATC (H), T-91-1
1020HMedevac Completed 52 WIA’s transferred under sniper fire.
1025HCommenced transit to objective beaches.
1030HLead unit under fire. Automatic weapons left and right bank. Fire returned with everything available.
1030HATC-111-7 hit by B-40 rocket midway coxswain’s flat. Boston whaler on fire. Vicinity objective 13, is 194457. Fire received from left and right banks.
1030HLead minesweeper T-91-13 hit by two rounds B-40 vicinity objective 14, XS 1994450. Boat reconnoitering by fire. One round port side coxswain’s flat, 1 round port side 50 caliber machine gun mount. Five men wounded.
1031HLead minesweeper T-91-11 under fire same area vicinity objective 14, XS 194452 both sides of canal. T-91-11 remained under fire until objective 11 was reached vicinity XS 190466, receiving (7) B-40 rocket hits from both sides of the canal. Three men wounded in action.
1032HATC-111-10 hit by B-40 0n canopy starboard side. 2 Navy wounded, 18 Army wounded in action, 1 Army Killed in action. Fire from left and right river banks vicinity W22 XS 193458.
1035HCCB-111-1 two near misses from B-40 port bow. No damage.
1038HATC-111-3 two near misses from B-40 starboard side. No damage. Steering affected.
1040H-1050Receiving small arms fire.
1048HLanding troops at White Beach ONE and TWO under fire.
1048HMonitor-91-3 took bunker at vicinity W41 under fire from which B-40 rounds were launched. Under Fire. Fire suppressed. Bunker Damaged, not destroyed. T-91-13 took 1 B-40 hit on stern slight Damage.
1050HLater examination by troops revealed interior of bunker covered with blood. One sampan near by with 1 VC Killed in action.
1051HMinesweepers T-91-11 and T-91-13 received hits. East bank vicinity, check point 40, T-91-11 took B-40 port side deck house T-91-13 took B-50 hit canopy, did not explode. Removed by EOD Team.
1055HSniper activity increasing from North bank. CCB-111-1 took two sniper hits.
1106HCCB-111-1 hit port side main deck one round B-50. Three wounded in action. Vicinity White Beach Two.
1110HCCB-111-1 took two near misses B-40, B-50 from vicinity objective 11. No damage. 1 VC hit in chest with full clip M16. 1 VC (Prob) KIA.
1115HLanding Consolidated. Naval block set.
1120HPulled southernmost units back to western flank on white beach TWO.
1130H-1200HCommenced MEDEVAC from ATC-111-3 helo platform. MEDEVAC accomplished under fire.
1315HTU 117.2.3 arrived 1340 in area of operations. Held vicinity objective 14.
1655HTU 117.2.3 under fire. Received two B-40 hits in ATC-92-8. Five wounded in action. Returned fire. 1 VC KIA - 1 VC Probable KIA.
1900HAttempted to proceed. Halted by air strikes and artillery fires. On advise of higher authority. Task unit ordered to remain in Vicinity objective 14 for the night.
160330HMonitor-111-1 discovered swimmer alongside, fired two clips M-16 into him. Observed to sink beneath surface. I VC KIA Sunk.
0800HProvided H&I fire throughout the night on North bank across from White Beaches, Provided illumination on call throughout the night. Expended 20 rounds 81mm illumination.
1200HTask Element joined at White Beach to re supply Task Group with ammo.
1230HRe supply completed.
1300HTask Element departed area of operation for Mobile Riverine Base with following units, M-111-3, M-91-3, ATC-91-1, ATC-91-11, ATC-111-6, ATC-111-7.
1530HCommenced loading troops.
1615HBack loading of troops completed.
1630HTook departure from area of operations.
1632HReceived small arms fire from west bank. Opened fire all guns to starboard. Large secondary explosion black smoke vicinity XS 192458, 50 yards in. Possible arms cache, belonging to troops That ex-filtrated night before.
1640HCeased fire.
1640HNormal transit rest of way.
1900HClosed Mobile Base.
2000HSecured from operation.

12. Results,

A. Enemy

2 VC (Probable)

B. Enemy material 1 Bunker 1 Sampan 1 Arms 1 arms cache (probable)
C. Friendly Casualties 3 Navy KIA

77 Navy Wounded in action
3 Marine Corps Wounded in action
Army wounded or killed in action unknown

D. No Navy material lost.
E. Navy material casualties.

4-20mm Cannon damaged
4-50 cal M.G. damaged
1-81MM Mortar damaged
2-30 cal M.G. destroyed
1-Minesweeper winch destroyed
1-M-16 Rifle Damaged (destroyed)
1-Shotgun destroyed
4-Canopies destroyed P-250 Pump destroyed
Extensive Bar Armor Damage
4-VRC radio damage
2-antennas shot up
1-50 cal stand leg shot off
2-ramps destroyed
1-M-79 destroyed

13. Administrative matters, No comment.

14. Special equipment and techniques: Boston Whalers should not be carried on Armored Troop Carriers.

15. Commanders Comments,

Army troops fired own machine guns and A/W from both sides of the boats When engaged.
Army troops threw hand grenades from boats.
Army troops manned .30 cal machine guns in forward in Armored Troop Carriers.
Army troops manned .30 Cal and .50 Cal machine guns in Armored Troop Carriers when Navy men were wounded and killed.
Army troops passed 40mm ammo in CCB allowing continuous firing while Engaged. Expended 500 rounds first engagement, 600 rounds 2nd engagement.
Army troops helped fight fires on stern and in canopy of damaged Armored Troop Carriers.
Very poor communications with Mobile Riverine Base while in Rach Ba Rai. Army could not communicate with Fire Support Base except by helo.
Distance to banks 20-30 meters. Guns could not be depressed sufficiently to fire Into nearest emplacements.
Cease fire had to be given by four times so smoke could clear from scene. Impossible to see next boat ahead.
Artillery prep on both sides of the banks and then walking artillery up banks Would help.
Helo fire team prep of banks ahead of boats would help.
Initial ambush approximately 1000 meters long, both sides of bank from Objective 10 to objective (XS193445 to XS 193458). Fire received through Objective 11 to objective 41.

16. Recommendations:

Install VRC-46 radio sets in ammo stowage area under coxswain flat. Remote or put Long lead on headset with speaker in cockpit. B-40 hits in control tend to disrupt Communications somewhat.
Lower Torso Board Armor should be provided earliest to all crew members in order to reduce fragment casualties.
Use gas on beaches ahead of boats.
Investigate installing body armor (easily removable) on 40mm turret. Weld to Turret. It will -turn with gun. I see absolutely no problems here. If the 40mm is Knocked out, in close combat, finis monitor.
Try styrofoam blocks behind bar armor topside.

F.E. Rhodes. Jr.

Note: This After Action Report is incorrect in some areas. The actual KIA and boat numbers were:
09/15/67 – William H. Little, EN2, Weymouth, MA – M-111-3 (Dinh Tuong)
09/15/67 – Richard A. Cheek, SN, Oregon, IL – M-111-2 (Ding Tuong)
09/15/67 – William T. Diamond Jr., SN, Ottawa, IL – ATC-111-6 (Dinh Tuong)