River Assault Squadron NINE Chronology of Events

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03 October – Commissioning crew reports to NavPhiBase, Coronado for training.

01 November – River Assault Squadron NINE, River Assault Division NINETY- ONE, River Assault Division NINETY-TWO, Commissioned at NavPhiBase, Coronado.

16 December – Completed training at Naval In-shore Operations Center, Mare Island.


04 January – River Assault Squadron NINE/ River Assault Division NINETY- ONE arrive in-country Vietnam.

16 February – Operation ” River Raider ONE” with 3/47th Infantry in Rung Sat Special Zone. First Army/Navy Riverine assault operation since Civil War. Squadron uses Vietnamese River Assault Group boats.

28 February – RivDiv 92 arrives in-country Vietnam

18 March – First use of American modified LCM-8 Riverine Assault Craft.

10 April -Dong Tam first used as Squadron Base of operations.

15 May- Action in Cai Be district against 514th Local Force Battalion.

19 June- Operations in Can Giuoc District, Long An province. Major contact with Viet Cong. 15 USN WIA including LCDR C. L. HOROWITZ, ComRivRon 9 and LT A.C. MORANO, Com RivDiv 92.

28 July – Operation ‘Coronado V’ Dinh Tuong Province.

29 July – M-91-1 and M-91-3 sustain multiple heavy weapons hits. 22 USN WIA. First use of new flat-top modified ATC’s as dust off’sare conducted from ATC-92-4.

15 September – Operations with 3/47th Infantry in Long An Province result in 210 VC KIA, 150 VC WIA, 1000weapons captured.

21-23 October – Operation ‘ Coronado VII” in Rung Sat Special Zone. First use of ATC mounted Flame unit.

20-28 November – Operation ‘ Coronado IX’ in VC base areas 470/471 in Dinh Tuong Province.

04 December – Ambush on Rach Roung; 502nd VC Local Force Battalion decimated

10 -30 December – Operations in Cam Son Secret Zone.

29 December – CDR L.W. Hamel assumes duties as Commander River Assault Squadron NINE.


25 January – Squadron relocates to the Ben Tre Anchorage on the Song Ham Luong for the first time.

27 January – TET Offensive operations.

19 February – Interpreter on M-91-1, BM1 Le-Thanh TAM, VNN, awarded Bronze Star Medal for heroic actions this date during ambush on Can Tho River.

140825H March – ASPB-92-7 – first assault craft sunk by hostile fire, Song Sam Giang.

181615H March – LT David H. WYRICK, Commander River Assault Division Ninety-Two, killed in action on the Rach Ba Rai during operation Coronado XII. LT John P. COLLINS assumes command.

04 April – Most casualties sustained during any single day during ambush on song Ba Lai; 3 KIA, 35 WIA. EN2 Joseph J. ENNIS awarded Navy Cross for heroic actions this date.

23 July – ASPB-91-4 beached and swamped on Rach Ben Tre when coxswain killed in action. Boat salvaged during night.

30 July – Start of ten day operation on edge of U Minh Forest, Chuong Thien Province; most significant penetration of the southern Delta by a major U.S. assault force to date; over 250 VC KIA, huge weapons caches discovered.

06 August – Commander Joseph E. SULLIVAN assumes duties as Commander River Assault Squadron NINE.

151415H August – Heavy ambush on Rach Ben Tre – ‘Rocket Alley’; 30 WIA.

17 August – Lieutenant Commander William F. MCCAULEY assumes duties as commander River Assault Squadron NINE.

23 – 27 September – First penetration of ‘Thanh Phu Secret Zone’ by allied forces since World War II.

03 October – Commander James C. FROID assumes duties as Commander River Assault Squadron NINE.

11 – 14 October – First penetration into Binh Dai Secret Zone of the was.

12 – 15 November – Training for Accelerated Turnover (ACTOV) commences; ASPB – 91-5, ASPB91-7, M-91-2 have Vietnamese Navy sailors assigned to crew.

05 – 09 December – ‘Cactus Fire II’ Logistic re-supply of allied forces on upper Vam Co Tay at Moc Hoa.

14 December – Operation ‘Giant Slingshot’ commences; ASPB 91-5, ASPB 91-7 and M-91-2 among craft to establish base at Tra Cu.

19 – 23 December – ‘Cactus Fire III: Logistic re-supply of allied forces on upper Song Vam Co Tay at Moc Hoa.

18 March – 23 December – Nine men killed in action.

05 January – 23 December – 236 casualties sustained.


04 -06 January – Operation ‘Water Trap’ Blockade of Thoi Son Island.

10 January – Accidental drowning of EN3 Daniel L. WESTLIE. River Assault Division NINETY-TWO relocates to Song Vam Co, Vam Co Tay, Vam Co Dong on Operation ‘Giant Slingshot’

11 January – ASPB’s 92-2 and 92-5 ambushed enroute to Tuyen Nhon. ASPB 92-8 mortared on Vam Co Dong; entire crew wounded.

15 January – T-92-10 ambushed on Dong Tien Canal, operation ‘Barrier Reef’; entire crew wounded.

01 February – Turnover of 25 River Assault Craft to Vietnamese Navy. River Assault Division NINETY-ONE decommissioned.

12 February – River Assault Division NINETY-TWO departs operation ‘ Giant Slingshot’.

13 February – River Assault Division NINETY-TWO commences ‘Hash and Trash’ utility duties.

16 April – Refueler 112-1 hit and set ablaze on Song Ben Tre.

26 April – River Assault Division NINETY-TWO commences training of Vietnamese Navy Boat Crews, in Dong Tam.

03 May – River Assault Division NINETY-TWO assumes ‘on line’ duties, with Vietnamese sailors embarked in boats for training.

12 May – Accidental drowning of Seaman David J. BORON.

28 May – Ambush on Song Ben Tre, two kilometers east of Ben Tre City. ‘One-Shot Charlie’ fires parting salute, as craft of River Assault Squadron NINE come under fire for the final time.

10 June – Turnover of assault craft to Vietnamese Navy. Decommissioning of River Assault Squadron NINE and River Assault Division NINETY-TWO.

01 January – 28 May – 54 casualties sustained.

10 January – 12 May – Two men killed not as a result of hostile action.