LST’s in Vietnam with Battle Stars

Last Updated 09/26/14


LST 344USS Blanco County51
LST 509USS Bulloch County61
LST 515  USS Caddo Parish9  11
LST 525    USS Caroline County4    1
LST 1186USS Cayuga County2      
LST 551USS Chesterfield County2      
LST 601USS Clarke County6    2
LST 603    USS Coconino County6    2
LST 1171USS DeSoto County1
LST 762    USS Floyd County3    1
LST 1184USS Frederick County3    1
LST 1182USS Fresno County2      
LST 786USS Garrett County711  
LST 819    USS Hampshire County10111
LST 821    USS Harnett County923  
LST 824USS Henry County4      
LST 825USS Hickman County10     
LST 836    USS Holmes County12    
LST 838USS Hunterdon County724  
LST 839USS Iredell County11111
LST 846USS Jennings County824  
LST 848USS Jerome County51  1
LST 854USS Kemper County5  1  
LST 901USS Litchfield County6  11
LST 902USS Luzerne County12    1
LST 905USS Madera County9    1
LST 912USS Mahnomen County2      
LST 1180USS Manitowoc County2      
LST 980    USS Meeker County9  11
LST 1032USS Monmouth County11    11
LST 1066USS New London County2      
LST 1067USS Nye County2      
LST 1073USS Outagamie County8      
LST 1076USS Page County6   1  
LST 1077USS Park County11  22
LST 1183USS Peoria County2      
LST 1082USS Pitkin County10  21
LST 1084USS Polk County4      
LST 1088USS Pulaski County2      
LST 1096USS St. Clair County3  1  
LST 1189USS San Bernardino County1      
LST 1122USS San Joaquin County1      
LST 1185USS Schenectady County3      
LST 1123USS Sedgewick County71  1
LST 1126USS Snohomish County8      
LST 1141USS Stone County5        
LST 1146USS Summit County4      
LST 1148USS Sumner County10    1
LST 1181USS Sumter2
LST 1150USS Sutter County8  11
LST 1157USS Terrell County12113
LST 1158USS Tioga County3      
LST 1159USS Tom Green County12  42
LST 1187USS Tuscaloosa 4    1
LST 1161USS Vernon County14133
LST 1165USS Washoe County12111
LST 1166USS Washtenaw County17 *233
LST 1167USS Westchester County15  32
LST 1168USS Wexford County5    1
LST 1169USS Whitfield County12133
LST 1170USS Windham County14133

PUC – Presidential Unit Citation
NUC – Naval Unit Commendation
MUC – Meritorious Unit Commendation
* Includes AFEM dates and an error that was officially corrected by a Naval Historian.

LST’s were named after counties of the United States

Caddo Parish LST-515 (LA)
Cayuga Cty LST-1186 (NY)
Fresno Cty LST-1182 (CA)
Garrett Cty LST-786 (MD)
Hampshire Cty LST-819(MA)(WV)
Harnett Cty LST-821 (NC)
Hickman Cty LST-825 (TN) (KY)
Holmes Cty LST-836 (FL) (MS) (OH)
Hunterdon Cty LST-838 (NJ)
Iredell Cty LST-839 (NC)
Luzerne Cty LST-902 (PA)
New London LST-1066 (CT)
Outagmie Cty LST-1073 (WI)
Page Cty LST-1076 (CT) (IA) (VA)
Park Cty LST-1077 (CO) (MT) (WY)
Peoria Cty LST-1183 (IL)
Pitkin Cty LST-1082 (CO)
San Bernardino Cty LST-1189 (CA)
Schenectady Cty LST-1185 (NY)
Snohomish Cty LST-1126 (WA)
Sumner Cty LST-1148 (KS) (TN)
Sutter Cty LST-1150 (CA)
Terrell Cty LST-1157 (TX) (GA)
Tioga Cty LST-1158 (NY) (PA)
Tom Green Cty LST-1159 (TX)
Tuscaloosa LST-1187 (AL)
Vernon Cty LST-1161 (MO) (WI) (LA)
Washoe Cty LST-1165 (NV)
Washtenaw Cty LST-1166 (MI)
Westchester Cty LST-1167 (NY)
Wexford Cty LST-1168 (MI)
Whitfield Cty LST-1169 (GA)
Windham Cty LST-1170 (CT) (VT)

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