Welcome aboard the Annapolis BOQ/BEQ and the Republic of Vietnam. Depending upon which unit you are assigned to, you can expect to remain here approximately three days. During that time, with the exception of shipboard, HAL-3, VAL-4, RIVFLOT ONE, and TAD personnel, you will participate in an administrative briefing at which time you will complete your travel claims, Dislocation Allowance/Family Separation Allowance, Postal Locator forms, Ration Card, and Currency Control Card applications.

Enlisted members will be counseled on their duty preferences for their next tour (VEY Interview). One of the members of the Master-at-Arms force will conduct an in-country security briefing and marijuana lecture to be attended by all new arrivals.
Later, depending upon your assignment, you will either draw a weapon or field gear, or both. Finally, you are required to take part in the Personal Response Discussion, conducted in Saigon.

While you are at the Annapolis, you are under the command of COMNAVSUPPACT, Saigon. In addition, there are a few rules which must be adhered to as well as some pertinent items important to you, namely:

1. Water

a. All water is non-potable with the exception of that in the coolers.

2. Head Facilities

a. A sewage problem exists. All the sewage, as well as the shower water and the water from the sinks is pumped into a 5,000 gallon tank.

(1) Willingly follow commands and regulations.
(2) Relate all problems such as lack of supplies, water pressure, uncleanliness, etc to the duty MAA.
(3) Conduct yourself in a courteous manner at all times.

16. Security and Theft

a. All gear adrift will be confiscated and placed in the lucky bag.
b. At no time should valuables such as watches, wallets, radios, etc., be left adrift.
c. Personnel are reminded that it is unwise to carry or possess large sums of money.

17. Messing

a. Officers will mess at the Idaho BOQ, which is located directly behind the Annapolis
b. Enlisted personnel will mess at the Montana BEQ, which is located about three blocks down the street from the Annapolis.

18. Liberty

a. There is no authorized liberty for transients in the Saigon/Cholon area; however you are allowed to utilize the facilities (including bar) at Idaho BOQ and Montana BEQ.

This is pumped out at various times, so use water sparingly and adhere to the posted Head Regulations.

3. Berthing Areas

a. Lying on bunks during working hours is prohibited. The one exception is from 1100-1300, but one must be in underwear only.
b. Personnel utilizing lockers will attach a card to their locker, showing their name and bunk number. This will be done on arrival and cards may be picked up in the Master-at-Arms office.
c. All lockers found untagged are subject to having locks cut and contents placed in the lucky bag.
d. There are women in this billet. Be courteous to them and use your heads with regard to dress while utilizing the head facilities.

4. Departing Billet

a. Before departing the Annapolis for any reason, you must log out with the Master-at-Arms. Upon returning you will log back in with the MAA.
b. E-6 and below who find it necessary to leave the Annapolis for any reason other than going to chow must have a signed chit authorizing the absence.
c. Before departing for your ultimate duty station, make certain you have cleaned your locker.

19. RIVFLOT ONE and Naval Advisory Personnel Assigned to Danang

a. RIVFLOT ONE personnel do not draw field gear or weapons from the Annapolis.
b. Naval Advisory personnel being assigned to Danang will not draw a weapon from the Annapolis armory, but will draw field gear from
the Annapolis.


a. At no time will anyone congregate around the entrance to the building and the front bunker. Standing outside the protected area and gathering groups is extremely dangerous – Charlie is watching ! ! !


All NAVSUPPACT and other officers administratively supported by COMNAVSUPPACT, Saigon will report immediately upon arrival in-country to the Annapolis BOQ/BEQ in Saigon for In-processing.

All officers assigned to Naval Advisory Group, COMNAVFORV, MACV and other commands will proceed to their respective commands upon completion of In-processing at the Annapolis. RIVPATFLOT FIVE officers designated as Squadron Commanders and Division Commanders will proceed to Binh Thuy for briefing when released by the Annapolis. All others will proceed to their respective units.

10. Personal appearance

a. Long hair, sideburns, and uncleanliness are not tolerated.

11. Lounge area (Bay 8)

a. This is a reading and TV viewing area only. Do not sleep there, nor put your feet on the furniture or the bulkheads.

12. Movies

a. Movies are shown five out of seven evenings from 1900-2000 in the Muster Bay.

13. Lobby and Quarterdeck

a. Pass quickly through this area. Do not congregate.

14. Outside area

a. Tables, chairs and trash cans have been put there for your convenience. Keep this area clean by putting waste and cigarette butts in the cans provided.

15. Annapolis Master-at-Arms Force

a. The purpose of the MAA is to enforce rules and regulations and to maintain security throughout the building.
b. Strict discipline will be adhered to while you are on board and rowdiness and unruly conduct will not be tolerated.
c. We solicit your cooperation in doing your part in order to make your stay more enjoyable.

DO’s and DON’Ts

A few DO’s:

1. Conduct yourself as gentlemen.
2. Remain in a complete, clean and neat uniform.
3. Pay all bills.
4. Treat all persons with due respect.

A few DON’Ts:

1. Don’t become intoxicated.
2. Don’ t become involved in political discussions.
3. Don’t “talk shop” or discuss classified matters ashore.
4. Don’t make tactless comparisons between conditions in Vietnam and the United States.