U.S. Naval Advanced Base Go Dau Ha (1969-1971)


Located close to the Cambodian border on South Vietnam’s Vam Co Dong River, U.S. Naval Advanced Tactical Support Base, Go Dau Ha provided U.S. naval forces with an advanced base of operations during the Vietnam War. River patrol boat (PBR) units staged there as well as the boats (RAG) of the River Assault Groups in the effort to hinder communist infiltration that threatened nearby Tay Ninh and Saigon, further southwest.

Initially, acquiring sufficient land at Go Dau Ha proved a problem, but during 1969 the Army’s engineers created a land fill and metal reinforced base area on the river bank. Soon afterward, Seabee units built sleeping and messing facilities, fuel and ammunition storage defensive works, and a helicopter pad.

Go Dau Ha was turned over to the Vietnamese Navy in April 1971, as U.S. Naval Forces were withdrawn from the war.