U.S. Naval Advanced Tactical Support Base Heip Hoa (1969)


Located on the Vam Co Dong River northwest of Saigon in the Republic of Vietnam, Heip Hoa served as an Advanced Tactical Support Base for U.S. Naval Forces in the Vietnam War. River patrol boat units patrolled the sector of river around the site as part of the Operation Giant Slingshot anti-infiltration operation. The river forces attempted to disrupt the constant flow of communist men and munitions into the capital region.

During 1969 Seabees and construction materials were transported from Danang to Heip Hoa for development of the shore facility. While the river sailors used a partially destroyed, abandoned sugar mill for sleeping quarters, the Seabees began construction of better quarters, base defense, fuel and ammunition storage, and a helicopter pad. However, the lack of troops for protection from ground attack forced the evacuation of the naval force to nearby Tra Cu later in the year.