U.S. Naval Support Activity Sa Huynh (1967-1970)


Sa Huynh was a remote American base 100 miles south of Da Nang. The site was located on an island at the boundary of the I CTZ. The island was chosen in 1967 as the least of several undesirable sites from which to support Army operations in the Duc Pho region.

The drawbacks of the base were many. A channel through the surrounding lagoon required constant dredging to be kept open to civilian-manned LSTs. An amphibious fuel line and pontoon causeway proved inadequate to the fury of the winter monsoon and was swept away. In August 1968, naval leaders established the Naval Support Activity, Da Nang, Detachment Sa Huynh, to get the base in better condition. LCU ramps, fuel storage bladders, and various base facilities were constructed on the island. By September 1969, the base was handling 3,000 tons of supplies for Army troops fighting inland. The Sa Huynh facility was turned over to the Vietnamese in February 1970.