U.S. Naval Support Activity Tra Cu (1968-1971)


Tra Cu was a small Vietnamese town located on the Vam Co Dong River and was the location of a Navy ATSB. The base formed part of Operation GIANT SLINGSHOT. Its job was to interdict the flow of weapons and supplies from Cambodia to the Saigon area. A section of PBRs patrolled various points along the Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay Rivers.

From December 1968 through the year 1969, Seabees brought from the I CTZ developed the base at Tra Cu building defensive works, ammunition bunkers, a tactical command center, helicopter pad, huts to house base personnel, and a mess hall. The site also hosted a 50,000-gallon fuel farm for the boats and helicopters. These additional facilities were required when a detachment of PBRs deployed to Tra Cu when enemy ground threats against the base at Hiep Hoa.

The base at Tra Cu was turned over to the Vietnamese in April 1971.