1st Bi-Annual Golf Tournament



(White River at near flood stage, during event)

The weather was almost perfect for the 2007 Golf Tournament at our reunion, and so was the golfing. Over 60 members and guests precipitated in the 18-hole event at the Bluff Creek Golf Course. “The Ninth Infantry was as tuff as ever”, Lee Daley was quoted as saying. “We threw everything we had at em, and they just kept coming” Only one stroke separated the two branches of service in the final scoring. It was, U.S. Navy 64 (8 under), the Ninth Infantry Division 65 (7 under) in the final scoring.

S. Rock, a spokesmen for the Ninth Infantry Division said “we thought there was more water out there, the score cards showed more water, that’s why I had my guys play in the tree line and tall grass. We don’t like all that water, was it moved or something”?

Top honors at the event go to: Russ O’Dowd, T-92-7, T-131-4 and his family, Ross Jr. and wife Jennifer. They took home numerous donated gifts including $50.00 gift certificates to up scale steak houses in the Indianapolis area.

Second place went to the following Ninth Infantry Foursome: Andy Conklin 3/39th, Ron McClure 2/60th, Gary Williams’s 3/60th and Tom Rigorist 9th MI Det. The team received golf towels, gloves and hats all donated by sponsors.

Prizes were also awarded for the 18hole, The “PBR” hole for the longest drive, two closest to the pin holes, the 9th and the 16th and a special award went to one of our players for “Best Mom”. Woman’s longest drive went to Jennifer O’Dowd, Richard Scott won closest to the pin on the 16th and I believe Joe Wall won the longest drive for the men? I forget who won the 9th hole, sorry.

I would like to thank our sponsor’s Zink’s Distributing, Matt Holm, from the Indianapolis area, for their Budwiser gifts, Bluff Creek Golf Course, John Greer Golf Pro and Manager, for his numerous gifts and certainly his patience. Last but not least Angela Jordan, from the Adam’s Mark Hotel, who made those shuttles run on time and made the vow “ we will leave no one behind”. She did an outstanding job!

Thanks guys, Lee and I enjoyed meeting you all and helping, will the crew of the USS White River return those buckets to the Bluff Creek Golf Course? At least two Navy players did not get logo balls, please contact Dave McCann.

Lee and Dave