9th Infantry Division

Killed in Action in Vietnam

“May our Brothers Rest in Peace”


9th KIA by Unit
101st Battalion 16th Infantry (2 mos)---> (designation after swap from 1st Inf Div for 5/60 (M) Inf until later redesignated 5/60 Inf)
1406th Battalion 31st Infantry (30 mos)
2562nd Battalion 39th Infantry (31 mos)
2003rd Battalion 39th Infantry (31 mos)
1324th Battalion 39th Infantry (31 mos)
1922nd Battalion (Mechanized) 47th Infantry (44 mos)
1953rd Battalion 47th Infantry (30 mos)
2364th Battalion 47th Infantry (30 mos)
3102nd Battalion 60th Infantry (45 mos)--->(+prior srvc 2/60 DunlopE/50,Hunt3/47,Juarez3/47,Van Mater3/47,MooreE/50,DavisIF70, 12 unknown US S-3 J,
2543rd Battalion 60th Infantry (31 mos)
2365th Battalion 60th Infantry (43 mos)---> (was a mechanized Bn for first 22 months)
1733rd Squadron 5th Cavalry (31 mos + add'l 15 mos for D Trp)
302nd Battalion 4th Artillery
151st Battalion 11th Artillery
193rd Battalion 34th Artillery
106th Battalion 77th Artillery
101st Battalion 84th Artillery
22nd Battalion 34th Armor (? mos)---> (for a period attached to 3/5 Cav from 25th Inf Div)
2HHC 1st Brigade
7HHC 3rd Brigade
17E Company 50th Infantry (Long Range Reconnaisance Patrol) (through Feb 69)
9E Company 75th Infantry Ranger (Long Range Reconnaisance Patrol) (after Feb 69)
943rd, 45th, and 65th Infantry Platoons Combat Tracker (Scout Dog)
3715th Engineer Battalion
339th Cavalry Platoon Air Cushioned Vehicle
91097th Transportation Company (Boat)
3Old Reliable Academy
4335th Radio Research Company
6HHB 9th Division Artillery
69th Medical Battalion
49th Signal Battalion & Provisional Signal Company
7709th Maintenance Battalion
259th Aviation Battalion
79th Supply & Transportation Battalion
59th Military Police Company
49th Administration Company
79th Infantry Division HHC & Band
19th Replacement Company
1571st Combat Engineer Company
299th Combat Support Battalion
2,595Total Unit Identifications to date
9Total as yet Unidentified by Unit