9th Infantry Division

Killed in Action in Vietnam

“May our Brothers Rest in Peace”


Our brothers in the 9th killed in action during the Vietnam War totaled 2,624. They will be remembered by family, friends and each of us in the Mobile Riverine Force. Their sacrifice for their country and for the peoples of the Republic of South Vietnam will never be forgotten.

Casualties are listed in alphabetical order on the following pages:

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While we will certainly never consider our honored dead as statistics, there are facts related to the numbers of deaths which our members may find interesting, such as:

Number of KIA by Location
Number of KIA by Unit
Number of KIA by Month and Year of Death
Number of KIA by Home State
Posthumous Recipients of the Medal of Honor and DSC

Many thanks to member David Argabright and Richard Coffelt for painstakingly documenting the 9th Infantry casualties presented on this web site. Every attempt has been made to provide the most accurate information possible. Our deepest apologies for any errors that might exist in these records.