“Irma La Douche”

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Boat Captain – BM1 Ray F. Longaker, Jr. (BMCM Ret.)
October 1969 to October 1970


Note the 2 water cannons forward of the Coxswain's Flat

Note the 2 water cannons forward of the Coxswain’s Flat

To have my memories preserved and something of museum quality to pass on to my children was well worth the time, effort and money invested.
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“Irma La Douche”

Tango-14 was commanded by BM-1 Ray F. Longaker Jr. from 10/1969 to 10/1970 and operated on the rivers south of Saigon and west to the Cambodian border together with Tango 32. “The boat was a big slow target and going against the current with a flat bow ramp the top speed was maybe 4 knots. When in a fire fight we were in the kill zone a long time and had to fight our way out. Long time meaning melting the barrels off the machine guns. We were in a number of fire fights and its a wonder why nothing – including us – was hit.” In the one year Tango-14 destroyed over 370 bunkers, spider-holes, trenches and booby traps, plus the capture of two significant enemy ammunition caches.

Here are a couple of nice PDF files that Ray composed and provided
to the company that built ATC-14:
ATC-14 Model
TF-117 ATC