The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in commending

for service as set forth in the following citation:

For exceptionally meritorious service from 5 to 20 May 1969 during combat operations against enemy forces in the Republic of Vietnam. As a highly proficient combat team, Amphibious Ready Group ALFA planned and conducted Operation DARING REBEL against Viet Cong insurgents in land areas along the littoral of the I Corps Tactical Zone. The operation was carried out with outstanding skill, dedication, and resourcefulness, and resulted not only in significant enemy casualties and prisoners of war, but also in disrupting the Viet Cong civil infrastructure used to control the populace. In successfully executing Operation DARING REBEL, Amphibious Ready Group ALFA made a substantial contribution to the Republic of Vietnam in her struggle to preserve and strengthen her independence, and a lasting contribution toward the fulfillment of United States and allied objectives in Vietnam. The outstanding professionalism, courage, and dedication displayed by the officers and men of Amphibious Ready Group ALFA were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

All personnel attached to and serving with Amphibious Ready Group ALFA during The above-designated period, or any part thereof, are hereby authorized to wear the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon.

John Chafee
Secretary of the Navy