The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in commending

for service as set forth in the following citation:

For exceptionally meritorious service from 19 June 1967 through 16 January 1968 while operating with friendly forces engaged in armed conflict against communist aggressor (Viet Cong) forces in the Mekong Delta region of the Republic of Vietnam during Operations CORONADO I through IX. As the naval component of the Army/Navy Mobile Riverine Force (Task Force 117), the ships and assault boats of River Assault Flotilla ONE provided close logistic, communication, and gunfire support to troops of the United States Army’s 9th Infantry Division and to the 5th Vietnamese Marine Corps Battalion which were conducting riverine assault operations. In so doing, a new concept of modern warfare in a counter-aggressor environment came into being and proved to be remarkably effective. As the only American strike force in the entire region, the Mobile Riverine Force vigorously pursued the Viet Cong along nearly every river, stream, and canal in the central Delta area, particularly in his known base sanctuaries. The assault boats of River Assault Flotilla ONE were the targets of repeated ambushes, many at nearly point-blank range, while traversing the narrow, heavily vegetated waterways, but flotilla crewman responded on every occasion with unyielding courage and intrepid valor to suppress the enemy’s attacks. The CORONADO operations were directly responsible for depriving the Viet Cong of sole possession of hundreds of waterways they had dominated for more than a decade, for significantly reducing the combat effectiveness of the Viet Cong fighting forces, and for returning to the Vietnamese civilian his freedom of movement throughout much of the Delta. By their gallantry in the face of enemy opposition, their dedicated zeal on behalf of a beleaguered people, and their superlative performance as individuals and as a team, the officers and men of River Assault Flotilla ONE upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

All personnel attached to and serving with River Assault Flotilla ONE during the above-designated period, or any part thereof, are hereby authorized to wear the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon.

(Signed) John H. Chafee
Secretary of the Navy

This is the list of units eligible for this award:

USS Askari (ARL-30)
USS Benewah (APB-35)
USS Colleton (APB-36)
USS Holmes County (LST-836)
USS Kemper County (LST-854)
USS Vernon County (LST-1161)
USS Wilhoite (DER-397)
Explosive Ordnance Team 27
River Assault Division 91
River Assault Division 111
River Assault Division 112
River Assault Flotilla 1
River Assault Squadron 9
River Assault Squadron 11