Navy Unit Commendation



Many of you who participated in this Navy Unit Commendation for heroism do not realize that the United States Navy Awards and Decorations Department has listed it erroneously for years. They have had a listing of “River Assault Squadron 16” instead of River Assault Squadron 15 (RAS 15) since 1969.

Here is a list of the units that were awarded our Nation’s 2nd highest “Unit Citation“. Through the years I have taken the liberty to correct the list so that RAS 15 personnel would know that they earned this citation through their personal blood, sweat and tears:


Naval Advisory Group Team 55
Coastal Division 11
Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron THREE DET 5
Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron THREE DET 7
Naval Intelligence Liaison Officer
River Assault Squadron 13
River Assault Squadron 15
Commander River Patrol Force and Staff
River Section 531

I began trying to get them to change the error in 1990. Each time I sent in a request the staff would stick to the original “List of Participants” even though I kept telling them that there never ever was a River Assault Squadron 16. Recently I enlisted the aide of (4) of our former River Assault Division officers:

Al Breininger – XO RAD 91
Hugh Alexander – CO RAD 132
Phil Ferrara – CO RAD 151
Nick Miller – XO RAD 152

These gentlemen all wrote succinct letters to the Navy Awards Department stating that there was no River Assault Squadron 16 and that the sailors associated with River Assault Squadron 15 deserve the credit for their heroism. Thank you for your timely assistance!

I am happy to share THIS letter almost 38 years after we participated in this particular operation.

A belated CONGRATULATIONS to all you who served during this perilous time period risking your lives so that others may share in the Freedom that we enjoy.
HERE is a quick link to the citation.